Day 518: 100 digits of Pi


10:30am and I'm writing my blog. This shouldn't change your day at all, but for me, it will transform it into a veritable wonderland of efficiency and activity that won't for a moment be plagued by thoughts of, "balls, I've really got to write that blog." 

Blaze got us up ass early this morning. Well, ass early for us, I realize some babies wake up all hours of the night and at the crack of 5 in the am and then don't go back to sleep. He's not that bad at all, ignoring his first nine months or so of life. Nowadays he goes to bed pretty regularly at around 9:30pm and stays grounded in his crib until about 8am the next morning. 

Last night he went to bed even earlier, having fallen asleep in the arms of his girlfriend, the brave and intrepid Amy who took him downstairs last night to watch TV just hours after her run-in with the mouse from yesterday's entry. Which reminds me, I should really check my traps downstairs. My secret recipe is sure to have captured any vermin still down there, though we may have vacated our only interloper when we threw the garbage bin down across the street and let him escape north into the wild. 

So after all that excitement Blaze went to bed at around 8:30 and didn't stir again until about midnight. Jeannette and I were both pretty exhausted last night and found ourselves in bed by around 11pm. Then we just laid there, exhausted, listening to both of our bellies growling and groaning, so we got up and went downstairs to get some food and watch Dancing with the Stars. Jeannette and Amy are quite perturbed that the competition is down to the top 10, which means the judges have no say whatsoever. America votes from here on out. 

It then becomes a popularity competition from that point on, which is the issue Jeannette and Amy seem to have with it. I'm less bothered by such things as I prefer to interpret things in a more positive light. Personality is also very important, in even a dance competition, as even in dance you are trying to 'communicate' something. And when communicating anything, likability, sincerity and a genuineness are all very important factors in how your message comes across. 

It's the same in science as far as I'm concerned. If you can't communicate what you're up to, and inspire others to care about your work, then you need to go back to a whole new drawing board and figure out how to say what needs to be said. 

So today I play on bringing more wood in, then continue working on my network pitch. I feel like it'll just reach a point where I just call them and have a conversation about it. The show I have in mind isn't like a "Package Deal" type story, where it's all neatly broken down and plotted out. This isn't that. I worked more on it yesterday and had a conversation with Jeannette and Amy that helped me articulate what I want to do. It's getting there, no doubt, and I'm confident that even if the idea isn't right for the network I have in mind, it'll be right for someone. 

I'm excited about the prospect of getting this little project up and off the ground. A) Because it'll mean Jeannette and I get to work together, B) It'll be centred upon things I have a very strong interest in these days and C) It'll be the foundation of all my future work, which as we've discussed, will be writing and the creation of an online production company. Anyway, I'm not quite there with it yet, but hope that at some point this week I can pick up the phone and tell them what it's all about. 

I tried to do a bit of a video pitch yesterday. One of my neighbours has a lot of waterfront property and had told me in the past that I could go down in one certain area, right on the cliff, when walking Hubble. That was where I decided to do the video pitch, as I have the ocean and a really cool island as a back drop. Then my neighbour came by wondering what the hell I was doing. He mistook my goPro with selfie stick for a golf club. I abandoned the pitch when he invited me over to his place for a chat. It's shocking how beautiful his yard is, being right on the water as it is. Such a difference even just a few hundred paces up, where my house is. 

I have to get out on the roof to see the water! 

I'll also try to get more memory work done today. Last night Amy was telling me about a kid she was reading about who can memorize 100 digits of pi using anagrams to tell a story. I put the notebook down I was working in and said, "Holy hell what do you think I've been doing for the past two years!!" She replied, "Yeah well then let's see it. Let's hear you do the first 100 digits of pi." To which I replied, "...well I don't have the system ready yet." But when it is, 100 digits of pi will be easy breezy. 100 digits of pi will be something I memorize with my morning coffee as a warm up for the rest of the day of work. 

100 digits of pi. Pfffffft!!!

Okay, that's good enough for today. Jeannette, Blaze and Amy are now in the living room watching Goonies; Amy has never seen it. Travesty!! 

Peace out hommies,