Day 517: The Mouse Returns #escalation

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A mouse or similar rodent type creature jumped up on the couch with Amy and Blaze in the basement today. She screamed and it hightailed it to the other end and disappeared down between the wall and the couch. I was in the garage when this happened. She brought Blaze upstairs and informed me through retches of revulsion that I had a big mouse downstairs that just ran into my couch. 

That is quite disruptive news indeed, I can assure you. I immediately abandoned my pitch materials and ran downstairs with Jeannette to see what we could see. 

I stayed down after she helped me look and gave the basement a good once over. My suspicion is that it ran in from the open garage door, scurried over to the busted wood chute, and scrambled down into the furnace room. It's a working theory but we don't yet know. As it's a very open and clutter free area it's not hard to spot when something doesn't belong. 

Also not difficult to spot a mouse that climbs onto the couch you're sitting on. 

She actually thought it was some kind of hamster. Bigger than a mere mouse, she assured us. It had a hairy tail. "A squirrel?" I asked. She said that she'd considered it but thought it was just a really big mouse. So I checked everywhere. I pulled a broom handle away from a broom and did a low sweep under the couch. Nothing. 

Finally the creature revealed itself to me as I was puttering around cleaning. He'd trapped himself in the garbage basket and gave away his position while going after a muffin wrapper. I poked around with the broom handle, saw the invader, put the top on the garbage bin and brought it all upstairs to show Jeannette. Instead of opening it up in the house and giving the swift little bugger a chance to escape, we brought it outside and across the road. There, I showed her, and we considered killing it, but I'm having a much harder time doing that these days so I just let it go across the road. 

If he turns around and comes right back inside then surely one of the four traps I've set will catch him and that'll be that. I'd given him a shot but he decided to go right back into his destructive, trespassing activity and paid the price as a result. My hope he is perhaps fed and owl. But who can say? 

I then found the lair he'd built himself underneath our new couch in a hole he'd carved out of the thin fabric. I fired some duct tape on it, finished cleaning the basement, and put the mouse debacle behind me..until one of the traps is sprung, or Amy has another run in, or, g0d help us all... Jeannette. I went back out into the yard and did some more work until it was dinner time and we all shoved burgers and hotdogs into our faces. 

We had to take our car in to get the tire checked as well, an errand Jeannette and Amy completed, getting picked up by my mother while they were waiting for the work to be done. They headed to the mall. The alert on the gauge was showing a problem with the front passenger side tire, which I assumed was a nail of some kind, but they found nothing. They pulled it off, put it back on, and low and behold the light went off. 

How much you wanna bet that thing goes on again in about a week? 

Blaze was pretty hilarious today. He waves now, as I told you, and high fives, and now does a slow, "ha.. ha.. ha.. ha" thing my dad was getting him to do. He's heading into full mimic mode, and with the animated nature of the people around him, it should give him no shortage of material to copy and perform. He's going to be a handful this kid, already is I suppose. Perhaps if we can handle him now without too much trouble that'll be how it goes his whole life. I wonder about that. 

My dad told me a story that illustrates that point, in a different way. There was an old man tending a garden at a place on the outskirts of a town. A man travelling into town stopped off to talk to him and asked him what kind of a place it was. The old man asked him what kind of a place he just came from. The traveller responded that it was a wonderful town, full of kind, helpful people who looked out for each other and enjoyed their lives. "Then you will find much the same here," replied the old man.

A little while later another traveller arrived and asked the old man the same question. "How did you find the place you just left?" asked the old man back. "It was terrible," said the new traveller "a place full of cheaters and liars and backstabbers and generally awful people that I couldn't wait to get away from." 

The old man nodded sadly, "Sadly, you will find the very same experience here." 

I got the details a little messed up there but you get the idea. The two situations are similar in the sense that were we to find Blaze too much now, then likely we will feel the very same way in the future; whereas, if no matter what we have gone through with him we have managed to feel good and secure and calm and reasonably in control of our emotions and faculties, the same should continue into the future. 

It's a theory. I'll check back in when he's 13 and sneaking out of the house to go climb the roof of a local Staples, jumping into the bushes when the cops roll past. If that sounds a bit too specific to be made up.. it is. 

Have a good night munks.