Day 516: Forced Off Grid


Well we're definitely roughing it tonight, though not by choice. Our power went out, leaving us with nothing but a flashlight and a couple of candles. Oh, and a generator in the garage sans la gas. I have 30% left on my phone, and then after that, we are officially running on piss and vinegar alone.

So I'm writing this thing out on my phone, in the dark, in the living room, hoping we get some power going here soon so i can post it, but Im not holding my breath. It flickered three times and then went out hard. I don't know why, but I feel the flickering is a bad sign; no concrete reason I can point to, just perhaps a feeling, or something I once heard.

This is pretty funny timing, considering we just watched a marathon of off grid inspired shows over at my parents house tonight. Alaskan bush people, Live Free or Die, and the legend of Mick Dodge. Nothing like watching survival shows to make you lament your continuing dependence on energy someone else provides. Balls!

That lifestyle calls to me, I'm not going to lie. Thankfully I have Jeannette around to violently box my ears, so that the ringing overpowers the 'call' and I don't do anything too crazy with the direction of our family. Well, nothing crazier then I've already done, moving us out here to begin with. The good news is that I should be able to find a happy medium somewhere, something that satisfies my need to get back to basics and Jeannette's desire to be able to poo inside and flush.

Surely there's lots of fertile real estate between our two preferable lifestyles.

Still no power. This is grim. We also have no internet -obviously-but also no phone (cell or otherwise) and no water, as all power to the pump is gone along with everything else. We are currently sleeping in a very fancy, two story lean-to. Had we had any indication this might have happened we would have just crashed with my parents. Depending how long this outage lasts we may end up there yet.

Judging from the fact my phone still works, as well as the car headlights, I'm at least reasonably certain it wasn't an EMP strike, so there's no reason to get too worked up. I'm sure by the time we get up in the am we'll be flooding with sweet electrical energy once more and be able to jump back in the saddle of civilization.

Or we won't and Jeannette will find herself pregnant and pooing in the woods anyway.

That's it for tonight. The stylus is giving me fits. Stupid spell check! Have a great Monday munks. Wish us luck.