Day 512: Exhaustion


My eyes are falling shut. I'm exhausted. This will likely be a hastily tapped out stream of consciousness style of entry that may or may not make sense. I've been up since 5:30am. Not by design. I couldn't sleep after I woke up with Blaze and went in to put him back down. I might have gotten three hours, if that. I managed to get the kid back to sleep at least, with some handy soother work and back rubs, but as for me, I tried to sleep for another hour afterwards to no avail. Finally I just got up and went down stairs for some coffee. 

My head was spinning a bit last night. I had a couple of very good ideas that started to really come together for me. I started work on them right away, coffee in hand, until I heard Blaze flipping out again -this time around 7:45 or so. I went up and got him and played with him in the basement until Jeannette got up at 8 and relieved me long enough to go take out the garbage. 

We've got to get a better system! Dragging the compost bin with the pilot is far from ideal. Also, the amount of fruit flies in the truck after taking it all out to the road was nonsensical. This situation just cannot continue to exist at this level. A vehicle or trailer must be obtained at some point. All in time I suppose. 

I haven't been this tired in a while. I was actually shaky earlier. I don't know why I couldn't sleep. It's quite unlike me. I suppose I was excited to get working on the idea and flesh it out, but still I haven't slept much at all in the last few days, I'm definitely due. And I had ample time last night. But for his freak out at 5am Blaze slept like a champ last night. He's getting better and better that guy. Forget about putting him down, it's an absolute breeze. Takes about two minutes. 

He just won't let anyone else do it. 

Jeannette and Amy went out to get a bunch of things done today, when finally Jeannette woke up.. and Amy arrived. While they were out I set up the white board in the garage again and started getting some good stuff done. It felt a lot like this time last year, when she was equally pregnant, and I began doing white board work in the garage. I remember doing it a lot after Blaze was born and her mother was here helping out. Must be something about the time of year. I love being able to keep the garage door open and having all the daylight and fresh air. Then if I need to walk a bit to think something through I'm right there. 

I was also waiting for an Eastlink technician all day. We'd called them a couple of weeks ago to issue a complaint about our service. As you know things have been pretty bad here of late. We haven't been able to watch much Netflix at all and I can't even post the blog some nights. They took their time finally sending someone out but he finally did arrive some time after 7pm. They'd said between 8 and 5. Jeannette was annoyed but I was just glad he showed up. And when he got here you could tell he was a good guy who has just been run a little ragged. 

He ended up being here for a good couple of hours, working outside. It turns out our antenna had suffered a lot of damage from the winter we just went through, and was registering high levels of interference. He got it sorted out, replaced the parts that needed replacing and spent a good while testing it. By the time he left he said it was back to normal and we should be good from now on. Here's hoping. 

I literally can't keep my eyes open. I can't wait to sleep!! The only problem is that I'm in the basement currently, and my bed is all the way up two flights of stairs. Grim! I wonder if I yell loud enough Jeannette might come back down and carry me up. Come on, I've been doing everything for her lately! Surely it would be okay if just this once she did me a solid and carried me up some stairs. It'd be good exercise for her I think. Good for the baby. It would probably also make her go into labour, which, at this point, is all we're looking to do anyway. 

The kid is good and cooked by now. Fire away!

She has another doctors appointment tomorrow. Amy will go with her. I'll get a whole other day to myself to keep rolling on the work thing. I actually figured out a way to do a network show today. It took a while, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back to the TV route or straight up internet, but I finally figured out a way to do both. I think it's a good idea and I've already reached out to a few people to discuss it. We'll see what comes of it but I'm at least optimistic that it's a good idea and could be just the answer I've been looking for when it comes to work and still getting to do some acting. 

Anyway, as I said, another day focused on it will be just what I need. I think this might actually progress quite quickly, if today was any indication. 

Well that does it for tonight's entry. I have to now try to crawl up the stairs and into bed, but I'm sure I'll only make it halfway or so and end up sleeping on the living room floor; laying there curled up inside Hubble's dog bed, clutching a blanket and sucking my thumb. 

Yap at you tomorrow.