Day 511: The Hawkman


1:25am. No internet! Late posting likely. 

We were zombies this morning, all of us. We were up chatting last night until two, and were then all up early with Blaze this morning. This is all after a long day spent in the blazing sun, throwing wood around, and cleaning out a garage. Exhaustion like that I have not felt in quite some time. Even now, as I sit here writing this blog entry at ten to one in the am, I'm shutting down. The brain simply hasn't been offline for long enough. Also, a lot has gone though it. 

We had lightning today. And a crazy torrential down pouring of rain. At one point we were driving back from getting another piece of the new baby puzzle, a car seat adjuster, and the deluge on the highway was such that cars had to suddenly slow down to 70km/hr and put their hazards on. My windshield wipers were on maximum and I could barely see the car that was only a couple of lengths in front of me. 

This lasted for about twenty minutes and then passed, just as quickly as it had rolled in, leaving everything very wet. I went out in it at one point to get a cafe mocha at a little place I like to go, like an addict, but otherwise we managed to stay dry. There's still lightning going on out there tonight actually, I was watching it a little while ago before coming in to do this thing. 

I'm so tired that for a moment today I wondered if I'd forgotten to write a blog. It just seemed like we'd done that much that perhaps I'd missed a day. I know I hadn't of course, as it's just become second nature to write, but for a moment there was a bit of confusion. 

Jeannette saved the day this morning and brought Blaze downstairs for a couple hours. She fed him and played a bit and then brought him back up to sleep. I saw very little of this happening. As I said, I was in rough shape. My parents then came by and gathered up the load of unwanted garage items, to add to the van full of their own, and then shipped it all off to the Americas. The garage, as a result, is looking pretty golden if I do say so myself. The jungle has been beaten back. 

Once they left we had to get ready lickity split so that we could get off to our ultrasound appointment. We got to the hospital on time and sat mesmerized in the waiting room by a woman playing the harp. I'd never seen a really good harpist before, certainly not in a hospital. She was very good. I said at one point that it was beautiful and she looked up kind of surprised that anyone was listening. Not that people were being rude to her or anything, it's just that, well you know, it's a hospital. I don't think I'd be focusing on a harp if I was waiting to get a laser beam shot into my kidney's to break up some jagged pieces of stone that are about to pass through my penis.

Know what I'm saying? 

Anyway, once we were called in I told the tech that we were hoping to not know the sex of the baby but that if it was unavoidable it was no big deal. She told m that it would actually be pretty difficult for us to see the gender, 35 weeks in, as by now the baby is all scrunched up in there, with little room to move around.

So we didn't find out if it was a boy or a girl, though I'm quite certain that it will be a girl. Not just because Jeannette has been a like a mother wolverine protecting her cubs when it comes to her food, but also because I have some daddy intuition. 

Jeannette is measuring perfectly in all categories so again, gestational diabetes / schmestational diabetes. The baby is measuring 35 weeks and 2 days, and Jeannette is actually at 35 weeks and 3 days.

As you can see, there is one day difference there and that the baby, according now to science, is one day late in it's progression. Which would mean that a prediction of a September 5th delivery date, instead of the given September 4th due date, would be a pretty solid little guess in my book indeed. As a result, I stand by my prediction, despite all the assertions by Jeannette that she will be popping sooner rather than later. 

I think I know her body a little better than she does thank you very much. 

September 5th it is. And a girl. 

Or she'll pop anytime and out will come Bane. Who can say? 

Jeannette just got up to use the bathroom and reminded me I have to take the garbage out. Balls! 1:20 now. Grim. That'll be an early start, and there will be little way of avoided waking young Master Blaze, who will then be up for good. However, Amy is coming over tomorrow, baby Jesus bless her, so we have help! It's not hard to find help when it comes to Blaze. Lots of people like him. He has a good disposition for a baby. Not too shrieky anymore. Though there was a time... stupid reflux. 

Anyway, I'll call it a blog tonight and get going. I can't wait to close my eyes and sleep. Tomorrow I have to get back to work, I have some good ideas percolating.

Oh, and congratulations to my friend and ex-brother in law Falk Hentschel! I just found out today that he will be the next Hawkman for the CW this fall. He begins filming in September. I can't wait to be able to watch him do his thing on a weekly basis. I believe he'll start as a character in the dual series of Flash and Arrow, and then do a spinoff series of his own, but I haven't yet acquired the full details. Still, very excited for him!

That's it for tonight. Be well.