Day 510: Woodslinger

Well we got tons of work done around the house today, as predicted.

Let me just say right off the bat that Nelson is a machine of action. We tackled the garage first and put that all in good functional order fairly quickly. There was a lot of sweeping, and sorting, and tossing, and piling, but the two of us doing it together made for pretty quick work. 

Once we finished that we moved on to the wood and started bringing it in and chucking it down the chute into the basement. I probably have enough for a good month of winter weather in there now, which is very promising and has lowered my level of anxiety quite significantly. Just doing what we did to the garage was equivalent to a solid therapy session in my estimation; a heavy weight lifted off the old shoulders so having that much wood in house was a real bonus.

We still have a shit ton of wood to be split and stacked, but that I can take my time with. The winter wood was the concern, and that's finally getting sorted. 

My woodsman James came by this morning as well, at seven am, and worked straight until 5:30 or so. At one point Jeannette exclaimed; "He takes no breaks!! HE NEEDS WATER!!!" I had to assure her that James had brought his own water, and that he had also done this type of work before -not to mention the fact he's lived on this earth for a great deal longer than either of us, and thus probably knows what he's doing. Still, after spending about two hours out in the sun slinging wood I did wonder how the hell he was going with seemingly no breaks. 

He's more "man than machine" as I said to him, quite backwards, the last time he was here. 

We're hoping it'll take one more day of tractor work to get all the trees we've cut down cleared away. I'll likely also ask if he can use the Japanese wonder to pile all the leftover brush into a pile somewhere on the property so's I can burn it. Nelson was recommending I get a 50 gallon drum to use as a contained fire pit. I have no doubt I could find one of those around here pretty easily, I'll just have to put out the feelers. 

It's amazing what the tree felling has done to the property. A little hard to see it now I suppose, on account of the chaos that remains out there. But the light alone is a big difference. Shade will be a bit of a hot commodity in the coming summers, but I don't mind that so much. I quite like the sun myself. 

Oh, I got a pretty funny blast from the past when we came inside from our day of work. I had an email from a casting director in Los Angeles for an audition for Two Broke Girls. I've worked with this casting director before; she cast me on the pilot for Conan O'Brien's production company, a show that had been slated to air on TBS but didn't make it past the pilot stage. As a matter of fact, I believe that was my last job before leaving for good. In the email she said that she couldn't find a theatrical agent for me so she figured she'd just send me the details directly. 

The audition was for today. 

Ha!! I've been gone like two years! Funny for two reasons really, one that they hadn't noticed I wasn't around for other things in all that time, and two that they would still think of me out of the blue for a role. If I cared a little more I would have checked out what the role was, but I really don't need to do that anymore. I just wrote her back and said I'd moved back to Canada and was pursuing my own projects. It'll be interesting to see if she gets back to me. 

In addition to all the wood and garage nonsense we got up to today, we also tackled ALL the remaining baby prep work; by that I mean getting the dual stroller put together, putting the new car seat in the car, and getting our baby bag packed and ready to go. We did this because at about 2am last night, after I'd spent a pretty long time out in the yard with smoke blowing in my face, chatting with my buddy Darcy about the universe, Jeannette started having... pain. 

I call it pain because that's the best way she could describe it. However, the 'pain' was coming in waves, and though she's had contractions before, and only about ten months ago, she couldn't be certain whether or not that's what was happening. We now think the baby was merely moving into position, but for a good hour or so we were literally waiting to see if her pain got any worse at all. If it did we would have headed to the hospital. That would have been something, considering we had a total of NOTHING ready to go. It would have been a bit of a debacle had it happened, though I have to admit I was pretty excited about the prospect.

I say let it come already! It's good and cooked by now. And I know Jeannette wants it out. 

Still, it was good that we were at least given one more day to get everything ready. And now we are. 

So yes, it was an eventful day that will likely have my body screaming a bit tomorrow. The neck and back held up quite well -I was again quite mindful of not being an idiot when it came to my posture- but the true test will be tonight and tomorrow. This neck thing seems to suddenly seize up on me out of nowhere these days, so if today doesn't cause it to happen, I'm reasonably optimistic that if I just keep the forward momentum of actually doing things, I will slowly strengthen everything back up and shouldn't have too many more problems moving forward. 

Tomorrow we have an ultrasound. At eight months. What are the chances we're not going to see the gender?? I'm guessing not good. I won't see a damn thing of course, as looking at an ultra sound is very similar to trying to spot those 3d pictures at the mall, or you know, reading the cascading matrix code. Jeannette however, is convinced she'll be able to tell immediately. If we do find out, I'll let you know tomorrow. 

Nite munks.