Day 509: A Day of Rajasic Acivity


I’m not even going to start writing this in the browser, such is my faith in our internet connection. That’s a bad point to reach I think, when you don’t even give the service you’re paying for a chance to work. Ut’s sunny outside and everything. I just figure, why bother chancing it? I’d hate to lose another entry; I’m sure one more of those such events will put me clear over the deep end! So why not just write it in a writing program and then see what happens afterwards? That’s the plan today anyway. I can also keep track of the amount of words I am typing at you, so that I can make sure I don’t over do it and write anyone a book. No one wants to read a book in one sitting. Especially when logging on to a blog! 

Today I was more than a little rajasic, which is to say, engaged in outward activity, vis a vie, physically struggling with the world. I was slinging wood and mowing the lawn. That was just a fancier way of putting it, or perhaps more confusing… who can say? The lawn wasn’t such a big deal, other than the fact I was trying diligently to be aware the entire time that were I to slip into my usual poor posture, I would likely wake up tomorrow unable to move. So I tread quite carefully, while at the same time kicking myself for not being more diligent with my therapy homework. Balls! So far so good. The lawn looks good, if a little dried out, and the back is a-ok. Tomorrow will be a long day of work as Nelson has told me will be helping me with the wood, getting it stacked and covered and generally sorted out. We won’t finish it all tomorrow I can’t imagine, but hopefully we’ll at least get me on a track toward having it sorted. 

I also worked more on the cartoon today. Then I looked down at my LIST OF THINGS TO DO, that I quite boldly taped to my computer screen and saw that “Cartoon work” was under the RAIN/NIGHT column; which is to say, while the sun is shining, I should be outside getting things done that need to be done… such as wood!! Oh dear god someone figure out a small fusion reactor for indiviual home use! And quick!

It’s hard to believe how we’ll ever manage to get it all cleaned up, when you stand in the middle of it all, out in the yard, and survey the chaos. The trees.. They be down. My other woodsman is also coming tomorrow, James, with his Japanese tractor, so if it’s nice we should be able to get a lot of work done. I can’t wait to have a system figured out that I can just lock into every season. That’s what I missed out on by following the path I chose and living in apartments all over the place my whole life. In LA there are gardeners everywhere! Even the little house my ex and I were renting in Burbank had a gardner come in and do pretty much everything. Not that there’s a lot to do garden wise, in the desert. The plants there are all pretty hardy and able to exist on very little sustenance; much like the people. And anywhere else I lived was the same. It’s been a bit of an adjustment this whole sudden shift in responsibilities. 

|Hours later|

Just had a buddy over and enjoyed my first night out in the backyard with the fire pit going. I can’t even remember what brought me away from the blog in the first place… oh right, Jeannette. You can be reasonably assured that she’s about the only one who does take me away from the blog. Her and Blaze. She was giving him to me so that she could take Amy home and I could put him to bed, on account of I seem to have a knack for it these days. I did put him to bed, and he managed to sleep quite soundly, until my buddy came by and Hubble barked his little puffy head off. He was an extra annoyance tonight, though likely that was because he did manage to wake Blaze up, so I was forced to try to put him back to sleep while at the same time getting to chat out at the fire pit. There are worse problems to have my friends, I am fully aware of this. 

Come to think of it, I actually also pushed for us to try to put Blaze in his crib for a nap today, as I threatened to do a while ago. Even in the early afternoon I was able to get him down. He didn’t sleep long mind you, and woke up flipping out himself, but that was partially my fault as I decided to try to do some work in the office while he slept. Yeah, that works great while he’s sleeping. But as soon as he wakes up he sits up. And as soon as he sits up he sees me. And once he sees someone, well that’s it kids; nap time is over. 

So my own fault then. 

Anyway, this was a disjointed blog that I’ll have to end now as I will likely get up ass early when Hubble flips out at the sound of the Japanese tractor. Feeling as I do right now, with eyes burnt from smoke and a head throbbing from dehydration, I feel like this wood may just get the best of me. Imagine it. I conquered so much to be finally done in by two piles of birch out in the yard.