Day 508: Reunion

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Well there you have it. I’m sitting in the basement, in my bathrobe, with no glasses on my face, and a particularly gruesome Dateline playing on TV in front of me, and the internet is down AGAIN!!  I’m hoping it’s back up by the time I’m done writing this thing, but who knows kids. Who knows?! 

It’s been a long day. It’s been a really good day, but long. We jammed about four days of activity into it. Well, four days for us, as we don’t get out much, but even most people would consider it pretty eventful I think. Even people with lives!

First we got up and had breakfast with our house guests Nelson and Christina. There was a plate of bacon, so already that’s a pretty good start to a day in my book. In fact, I could get punched flush in the face at some point later on and would still consider a day that starts with bacon a success. After that we all got ready for separate events; we were off to the first part of my 20 year high school reunion and Chris and Nelson were off to a wedding gathering prior to the ceremony tomorrow. Yes, that’s right; 20 years since high school. I’m an old, fat, bastard!

It was a good time but not a lot of people showed up. I was surprised by this, as our particular grad year was a pretty tight knit group. Much tighter than I was with any of them, as I only spent my last high school year at this particular school; me and two of my buddies switched schools in our grad year to play for the rival hockey team, when the one at our own school was disbanded. I haven’t spoken to anyone from the school I left and have never been invited to any of their reunions. Funny, that, considering I practically grew up with those people!! Anyway, when we got to the little shindig we saw that it was outside, in the middle of a farm, around some picnic tables. 

It was a beautiful spot, but the only problem was that it also happened to be a beautiful… sweltering… day. The sun sat about four feet above our heads the entire time, with no relief whatsoever, and blasted us with heat rays the entire time we were there. Jeannette and I were so focused on keeping Blaze lathered up with sun screen and keeping him blocked from the ball of fire in the sky that we totally neglected ourselves. As a result she got burned on her head and my face looks like someone tried to strong arm me into a blast furnace. 

So we stayed there for a bit but had to book it before we passed out from heat exhaustion, burned up in the field, and had our ashes blown around the valley in the next available wind. After part one of the reunion we went to visit my sister. She’s done a ridiculous amount of some very creative work at her house and had a lot to show us. It was good to see them as this summer has been so jam packed for everyone that we haven’t been able to get together as much as perhaps we’d all like. From there we went back to my parents house to drop Blaze off for our nighttime festivities. While we were there I did finally pass out and slept for a good, solid, five minutes, before Jeannette slapped my face and told me to get up and get ready to go to our next adventure, which was my cousin’s 40th birthday. 

Okay, so he’s not ‘technically’ my cousin, but rather the husband of my cousin, but look, if you’re going to be reading this thing with any regularity you’ll have to just get used to me calling pretty much everyone my cousin. It’s easier for me and we don’t stop every five seconds to get into who was born where and why they’re related to me. Savvy? 

So within the hour we were in a bar full of massive rugby players all double fisting tall glasses of Guinness. If there were 50 people in there, there might have been 15 necks. There were a lot of big dudes. There was also a bagpipist there. NOTE: I know one who plays the bag pipes is technically called a ‘bagpiper’ but to me, ‘bagpipist’ sounds much better. Classier somehow, don’t you find? 

As we walked up to the second floor where the party was in full swing, we could actually feel the heat choke its way down our throats. You can’t believe how warm it was up there. Poor Jeannette, big as a house as she is (in the loveliest way possible..), was having some issues with it, especially after our afternoon baking in the sun. We did our best to stick it out as long as we could but we didn’t last much longer than a couple hours, if that. We ate some food, met a bunch of new family, and then booked it to our next stop, which was part two of the reunion. 

Yes, another bar. 

I really figured I’d see a lot more people from high school at part two of our adventure, as there was booze involved, but it was pretty much the same result. A few more showed up and there were pictures and yearbooks at this gathering, so even though there weren’t a ton of people we had a good time. Jeannette got to meet some of the old crew and see some ridiculous pictures of me in various states of youthful awkwardness. I think she had a good time. But again, by the time we got there we were already pretty wiped out and struggling with energy levels. We stayed till about eleven or so and then called it a night. 

When we got to my parents house Blaze was passed out on my mom and had been that way since about 8pm. 

What a shit! He never sleeps that easily for us. Little punk. 

So now we’re home, everyone else is in bed, and I’m sitting here in my bathrobe, in the basement, all by my lonesome, chatting with you mutes. I’m now well over 1000 words, long past 30 minutes, and about four hours past my bedtime. So with that, I will bid you all a good night and yap at you tomorrow. 

Have a good night munks. 

P.s. Yes… I know I haven’t posted my second cartoon yet. Be patient with me. I’ve got babies flying all over the house and family visiting. Also… you pay me nothing!!