Day 507: Return of the Beard

Blaze had wandering eyes at dinner tonight. #NotReciprocated

Blaze had wandering eyes at dinner tonight. #NotReciprocated

Okay, so it’s true I didn’t post my second cartoon last night, but I did finish inking it; so that’s at least something. We had family arrive last night so instead of being a hermit and retiring to my room to put the finishing touches on a cartoon no one is waiting for… I decided to wait till today to finish it up. Jeannette’s sister Christina and her partner Nelson came down to NS for a wedding in Wolfville tomorrow. They’re always a good time those two. Christina showers Blaze with attention as I pick Nelson’s brain about hunting. That pretty much describes our entire morning so far. 

It was a bit of a rough night sleep wise last night. Blaze was a little fussy and had a couple of screaming episodes that were touch and go for a minute or two. He ended up settling back down well enough, at least, that is, until 6am this morning when it all came crashing down around us. Hubble was being a bit of a dick last night you see; it’s amazing how a mere 20 pounds of shit-tzu can so drastically affect the sleep of two full grown humans on a massive King size bed… and yet he did. A couple of times I woke up and he was wrapping himself into a ball right next to my face, on the other half of my pillow. This might be a normal night for some dog owners, but not for this guy. Hubble rarely even ventures over to my side of the bed, knowing damn well he’ll get unceremoniously dumped over on the other side as soon as I’m aware of the breach of protocol. So to actually think he can curl up on MY pillow is an act that borderlines of heresy, if not at least a full mutiny. 

At 6am he was standing next to the bed, his head about two feet from mine, whimpering at me to go outside. 

Okay, fair enough. He’s got to pee? No worries, I can help him out with that. I suppose I wasn’t exactly as understanding as all that at the time, in fact I might have thrown a pillow at him, but I rolled out of bed nonetheless to help him out so in the end he got what he needed. At least one of us was satisfied! The only problem was that due to the humidity in the house last night, our staircase was extra loud going down; it sounded like I was firing off a double barrelled shot gun with every step. I heard Blaze start screaming at about the second stair. So I ran downstairs, threw Hubble outside to do whatever it is he needed to do, hoping that the reason he was whimpering next to the bed was, in fact, that he had to pee, and that he wasn’t simply trying to alert me to the bear, or wolverine roaming around the yard. If that was the case, I suppose throwing a pillow at Hubble would have been the last thing I ever did to him; which would have been a depressing, but solid lesson, had that been the case. 

Before his paws even hit the back deck I was already flying upstairs to try to get Blaze sorted out before he could wake anyone else up in the house. Fat chance of that not happening, as by the time I got up there he was like an air raid siren. I did my best to settle him back down to sleep, but 6am is about the cut off for that I’m afraid. Once we get past that hour, he’s got no more interest crib sleeping and wants only to be picked up. No amount of promises, or soothing, was going to make him abandon his attempt to climb out. Finally Jeannette came in and grabbed him, bringing him back into bed with us, which is always an adorable, but utterly unsleepable situation. He whines, and whacks, and kicks, and flops, pretty much on and off until we finally give up and just get up. 

It was around the point that he kicked his tiny big toe in between a couple of my ribs, waking me up from a dead sleep with a yelp, that Jeannette ended up taking him downstairs. By then it was 8:30am. 

We just finished breakfast, sat around chatting for a bit, and now I’m up here yapping at you guys and getting geared up to finish that cartoon asap. 

I did get some other good work done yesterday on the production company and some of the website design aspects. I informed Jeannette that I would be REGROWING THE BEARD!! I know you’re all very excited about that, if only to be able to get back to mocking me whenever I post a picture of myself on the blog. I gave her my reasoning, a rather lengthy idea that I concocted yesterday regarding some graphics for the new production company website, and at the end she told me to go start the barbecue. 

“That’s it?!” I asked her, after regaling her with all the parts of the plan, hoping that by the time I was done she would have forgotten the fact I’m actually regrowing the rat that has been on my face for the past few months. 

“Well what do you want me to say? You’re going to do what you want to do anyway.” 

I suppose that’s at least a minor victory, if you don’t read between any of those lines, which I try not to do. 

So the beard will return, and by the time it does the hair will also be sufficiently long again so that I can take all the promo shots I need to take -for one of the shows I want to eventually create- and then I will immediately shave both the beard, and cut the hair, getting all dolled up that very same day to take the other promo shots, for the OTHER show I want to do, the comedy. 

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am, I’m done. 

Anyway, that’s the plan as it stands right now. 

Okay, I’m done for today. On to the cartoon. I’ll post it in a bit. Enjoy.