Day 504: Twice Bitten


Okay. Here's the situation. I may have been bitten again today. Yep, in the very same place. Upper, right, back. Grim!

Surely I don't have to remind you of the last time this occurred... wait, I mean of course I have to remind you, who reads this thing regularly?? Come on, admit it. You pop in once a week to see if I'm alive, only getting past the entry number if there's something that smells like drama in the title. Otherwise you're playing some kind of digital game on your phone, or taking refuge in an abandoned farm house as a Russian helicopter scans the hills for you. 

I have a wide ranging readership. 

Anyway, the point is, I know you. I know how you're mind operates.

I also know how to spell 'your'. 

Nevertheless, I appreciate even just that small gesture on your part. To pop up on your mental spin cycle on a regular or semi-regular basis in any way shape or form is a welcome bit of news. Still, it's for this reason that I have to update you all on what may be for me, a recurring situation, to put it in the proper context; such as is the case with this back issue of mine. 

It went out again a couple weeks ago after mowing the lawn. A bad one. I couldn't do much for a few days. Then I missed a therapy appointment.. for my back, though I was so distraught over missing that appointment a therapist for the mind would have been equally welcome. Anyway, I've been in a couple times now for treatment and it's gotten me back to normal the last week or so, if but a little threatening in how weak I know it all is. 

Who am I kidding I'm walking around with a stack of jenga blocks for a spinal column... and it's been a looooong game. 

So then today, while Jeannette was struggling with Blaze's cold, both in keeping him comfortable and well fed.., and., literally, wrestling with the bacterial invader herself in an internal war of attrition between her immune system and whatever foul intentions the sick bits came in with - whilst all that was going on I decided to move the entire office into the baby room. 

Of course, when you move an entire room into another room there's an additional task that always adds itself to the list, as you must then do something with all the furnishings that are in the room you're moving into. You see the situation there right? You had one room full of shit..then another room that was equally full of shit, and you're using copious amounts of energy, driving your broken body around like a misused forklift, shoving all the items in one of those full rooms DIRECTlY INTO ... well you get the idea. 

I moved a lot of furniture. 

One of the pieces, I'll show you a picture, is a rather large desk we got from a wonderland of a place called Costco. I've spent entire vacations in there. Anyway, the desk is monolithic in size and weight and in the end I had to take several pieces of it apart. A drill might have been used. What can I say? It was a blood bath. 

Savvy of me to have laid out a pair of ear plugs for Jeannette before her nap, just before I decided to do all of this. Savvy both in my foresight of noise, and my knowledge that she would have stopped me on account of my spine. 

Anyway, after all was said and done I was doing something in the bedroom and felt that mysterious phantom bite again. Whether it was the bite from an actual insect type creature, or the bite of my own vertebrae -sharpened to a shiv as its been by impact with hockey rink boards- into the soft flesh of my inner neck meat, I can't yet say. 

I almost prayed that I'd reach back there and find a tick. I'd take a tick engorged in my skin over another back explosion any day! Not a tick riddled with lime disease mind you. I mean if you're allowing me to pick. Sans la lime and you can feed five of them via my blood reserves. Just not the spinal column. No!.. please. 

As of now I'm fine. No real issues whatsoever. But this was the MO last time. Then I went to bed and laid in a prone position for an unknown length of time ...then I moved... and that was all it took. Pop goes the neck, down goes the stack of jenga blocks, and back to the drawing board we go again. 

I'll keep you updated on how all that goes. Who knows, maybe I did get bitten by something. Oh shit, if I wake up with super powers from a radioactive spider bite... oh shit.. that sounds like something someone with a fever would say...

It's grim over here tonight guys. Grim. 

Enjoy my first official cartoon posting. And the website spruce up to follow. Hope "you're" all well.