Day 502: No Sleep


Internet down. Who’s surprised?? 

In fact, it’s been down all day. I suppose that’s not surprising either considering that it did rain today. Nothing too serious, but it was a dismal day out there if you happen to be a fan of the sun. 

No part of me wanted to get out of bed this morning. I didn’t sleep very well last night as Blaze was a bit of a monster. Night two of the crib sentence didn’t go as well as night one; and night one didn’t go particularly well either. No matter, he’ll catch on sooner or later. It just means a few sleepless nights for me. The problem now is that when he wakes up through the night he knows I’m sleeping in the bed next to the crib. I don’t even think he tries to soothe himself anymore. He just pops up and screams for dad. There’s not much I can do about that however, as my side of the bed is being taken up by our cousin Amy, Blaze’s babysitter, who’s crashing here with us this weekend. 

The other factor leading to a rather tumultuous night last night is that he appears to have another cold. He’s blowing snot bubbles, which is either a new skill he’s trying to manifest, or the result of being sick and stuffy. I noticed he was having some issues in the breathing department last night but I assumed it was just from all the crying. Poor little bugger. I’m sure it’s good for the immune system, constantly fighting off all these colds, but it makes for an uncomfortable sleep for sure. 

Today ended up being a pretty chill day actually. 

My new wood guy -yes that makes three now- stopped by to suss out the situation with what we’ve got going on in the yard. I explained to him the operation, such as it is, to this point and wanted to get his thoughts on what could be done from here on out. He’s a good guy, I quite like him. He’s the one that delivered our wood to us last winter. He said what we’ve been doing is the way to go about it and that when we had it all stacked and sorted out he would be happy to come by and take it off our hands for us. We probably won’t make much money off it, but that wasn’t the intention to begin with. 

I have enough for this winter, some more to play around with if I decide to build an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course in my yard (don’t doubt me!) and it looks like I’ll have enough left over to provide my cousin’s clients with the four cord of wood they’ve been searching around for all summer. It’s hard to come by on account of how bad last winter was. It’s looking grim out there in the supplies department. 

I did a bit more memory work after he left and then got to work on breaking down the cartoon. I still need a bunch of artwork to add to the site but will do so over the course of the next couple of weeks. There’s no rush. Jeannette seems quite excited to start seeing some actual comics, and was pressing me today to see when I was going to have one up. She seems to think one a week is a good place to start, but as always I have my eyes set on something a little more drastic than that. Still, I’ve learned enough over the years to know that perhaps somewhere in the middle would be a good place to start. 

I’m pretty convinced I’ll be able to start pumping out a cartoon a day; five for the week with a Sunday spread, just like they do in the newspaper. I likely won’t do it year round or anything -there are still a few other projects I want to get up and off the ground- but I’ll sort out all that as I go. It’s a lot of work mind you, doing a daily strip, but once I get the hang of it again I don’t forsee it being too difficult. I remind you that this was the first job I ever wanted and pursued it pretty diligently all the way up to the first time I stepped on a stage to do standup comedy. After that cartooning fell to the wayside, in favour of the immediacy of standup comedy. Now that I’m over needing all that feedback and attention I’m good to give this cartooning thing another shot. 

Then all I need to do is write a book and I’ve pretty much completed my bucket list.. At 38. Not too shabby! Of course playing in the NHL was also on that list but if I don’t get a tryout in the next ten to fifteen years I worry that perhaps that one might not actually happen. Grim!

To be honest, today was one of those days that I don’t really know what happened to. That sentence felt gramatically incorrect but you get the idea I’m sure. It just came and went, this day, with hardly a fuss. Perhaps that had to do with Blaze going to his grandparents house today, and Jeannette and Amy being out. Add to that my general state of fatigue and it’s not hard to see how the hours managed to fly by unnoticed. I don’t feel like I got a lot of stuff done, but then it is a Sunday and my intention is to take them off. It’s just a lot harder to take those Sunday’s off when I still have yet to, you know.. have a job. 

No matter! I have faith that just as I have managed to pull sustenance out of my ass in years gone by, years when I had far less talent at my disposal and far less confidence in making that talent work for me. Seven years in LA guys. Seven years! I was talking about some of those times today with Amy, sharing some of my past experiences from my great American adventure. It fully seems like another life at this point. I even noticed that the Just for Laughs festival happened a little while ago. Ha! I had no idea until I saw some posts on Twitter. 

Anyway, I suppose there’s enough time tonight to get some more work done. I’ve just put Blaze down and he managed to fall asleep before he even hit the mattress so perhaps this cold is doing us a favour and knocking him out for the night. I doubt that’s the case however, as his breathing didn’t sound very peaceful. No doubt that’ll annoy him enough through the night to be good for a few sudden explosions of frustration. I only hope I’m able to get a bit more sleep than I did last night. 

I’ve got some cartooning to do tomorrow. 

Nite munks.