Day 501: The Shrieking Banshee


Wouldn’t you know it, I celebrate my 500th blog entry yesterday and the very next day the internet is down and I’m forced to write this thing in another program. I’ve at least learned my lesson over the course of this endeavour and don’t flirt with writing my entries in Safari much anymore, especially when the internet is wonky, for fear that I’ll lose another entry just as I’m trying to hit the publish button. 

Those are the worst nights! When you’ve written an entire blog already and then something happens and it’s gonzo. I once had a proof all worked out for which came first, the chicken or the egg, and wasn’t able to post it because the first attempt was lost and I was too mentally exhausted to rewrite it. A shame too, as that age old philosophical conundrum has eluded the mind of man for ages. 

Perhaps someday I’ll put those neural connections together again and solve it once more. 

Today was a pretty chill day all things considered. Blaze ended up being a bit of a beast last night, after all the praise I showered him with. At least he gave me the time I needed to finish the blog before he blew the night up. I feel it entirely possible that he merely waited until I’d written and published the entry -flattering as it was for him- before letting loose the vocal chords and screaming bloody murder; which he did, for a good hour after I signed off with you cats. 

He was quite unhappy after he woke up that first time and wasn’t able to grab onto his mom. Quite upset indeed. Flipped out you might say. Aggressively. This kid can scream, I’ll tell you that right now, in case you’re ever stuck in an elevator with us, or a closet, or some other confined space. He can shriek with the best of them. He gets his whole body into it. The toes curl and everything. 

I somehow managed to get him settled down but as I said it took quite a while. 

After he did settle back down to sleep, it might have been midnight or so after all was said and done, he didn’t wake up again until 7:30am when my other wood guy showed up with his tractor. Hard to complain then, given that fact, though I always find a way anyway don’t I? It even makes me hopeful for tonight’s second attempt at putting him in solitary nighttime confinement. 

Didn’t even notice my wood guy show up this morning, by the way, despite the fact we were all woken up by a barking Hubble. Poor James was knocking on the door and no one went down to answer. Claude usually rings the doorbell, and Hubble usually flips out moreso than he did this morning. Not putting two and two together, on account of my fatigue, I assumed it was just the crew returning to build the new driveway my neighbour is putting in. Of course they don’t work on weekends. My guy does. 

Anyway, when finally I rolled out of bed around 9:30 Jeannette said,
“Um, James has been outside working this whole time.” 

Good thing he already knew what he was doing. 

He did a ton of work today that guy, even without me groggily meeting him at the door half dressed and drooling. He’s a machine. Didn’t leave until about 6:30pm and I don’t even know if he took a break to pee. There’s still a lot to be done of course, but after chatting with him afterwards today it looks as if we’ll at least have it done by the first snowfall, which is goal number one. 

He won’t be able to come back for a few weeks however, which does delay things a bit. But after chatting with Jeannette we figure that if we at least get it all sorted out and squared away by the first snowfall we’re happy. He assured us that was doable so we’ll continue with this system until futher notice. Savvy? 

Good, I know you were worried. 

I worked on some artwork for most of the day. The new website banner image is coming along nicely. I always do things ass backwards of course, and don’t really work in the usual style of animators and cartoonists. You see most of them usually sketch the drawing out first, until they’re happy with it, then they’ll ink it, and only then, once everything is as they want it to be, will they add colour. 

Yeah, well I didn’t even have the character fully fleshed out before I started working on the new banner. It became a bit of a trial and error process with my Photoshop file getting loaded up with a lot of unnamed layers with miscellaneous stuff in each. Not the recommended way of working, I can assure you, and a practice I will attempt to jettison once I get my cartooning legs back under me. For now however, enthusiasm trumps order and I’ll keep going as I’m going until I’m done this particular piece. 

Hopefully by tonight! 

I did the minimum amount of memory work today, mostly just reviewing some stuff and printing off a couple more helpful diagrams and lists. As I said, I’m currently riding the high of creating something artistic right now, and in the same vein working towards a project that will be another good anchor to hold all future projects in place. I like the blog for that as well, writing something every day so that anyone who’s interested can check in and see what you’re up to. Especially handy as a practice, I think, for someone who plans on running their own open source production company. 

When readers become supporters the whole process becomes much more intimate. 

The more transparent everything is, the better. As far as I see it anyway.

So there you have it. I’m not quite saying ‘the first 500 days were free and now you have to pay to read this thing’ or anything. I’ll always write the blog pro bono. In fact, I’ll do the cartoon pro bono as well, but I may add a way for people who would like to support my cartoon making efforts to do so in the most efficient and out of the way manner as possible. I don’t want anything too in your face or anything, it won’t be like my comedy days when I would stand around watching other comics sell CD’s out of boxes on the sidewalk after shows, literally hassling people as they came out of the club… just a way for people who like what I do to continue to support what I’m trying to get done. 

But more on all that as these next 500 days unfold. 

For now I’m quite happy to just keep pounding away at the work I’m doing, with the knowledge that at some point I will find the audience that will appreciate what I’m up to and will want to perhaps join me in creating an entirely new way to connect on this digital jungle we call an internet. 

The wild west has nothing on cyber space, I think you’d agree. 

Nite munks.


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