Day 499: Cabin in the Woods


It's 9:31am and I'm trying to shoehorn this entry in while Jeannette makes breakfast and Blaze continues devouring the blueberries in front of him. I just fed him pretty much an entire avocado and a piece of laughing cow cheese and hoped that might tide him over until I was able to plow through this entry. We're going to be out and about all day, first going to get my back treated and then off to the beach to go camping with my cousin again; this time for the night. We have precious little time but I've got to get it done now!

Since it was almost impossible to get the blog written the last time we went camping, having to stay up till my eyes nearly rotted out of my head, I figured perhaps today it might be a good idea to get it over and out of the way before all the festivities begin. 

I actually slept pretty well last night, which is a good thing, and likely based on the fact I had already written this thing so was able to just shut everything down and go to bed at a fairly decent hour. We had a pretty long day I suppose, given how yesterday started out; getting up ass early for first Hubble, and then Claude, our intrepid french woodsman. The update on that situation is that he was able to get a fair amount of work done with his sub-par chain while Jeannette went out to get him another one. Only, there was no other one to get. Jeannette couldn't find a chain for that stupid saw anywhere so when she got home we chatted with him a bit about the plan forward and then he went home. 

Another waste of a bit of a day but what are you going to do? The fates are conspiring to keep that wood laying around my yard for the duration of my life. I called my other wood guy, the one I'm hoping can just come out to the property and see what's what. His shop is just up the street so it shouldn't be too much of a problem getting him down here. You just have to connect with him first. Catching a woodsman is a lot like catching a leprechaun it seems. Especially given how rare wood seems to be in this area right now. 

My other cousin texted me yesterday and wondered if I had four cord of wood to sell to a client of his, they've been looking around and can't find any for this winter. Yes you heard correctly, it's July 23rd (Blaze is 10 months old today) and already the woodsman are out of wood to sell. Grim tidings if you're looking to stay warm this winter for less than the cost of your right arm and all the clothes off your back - which is the current amount Nova Scotia power charges you to not die of frostbite in your own home. I don't even think that's far off the mark to be honest, considering the way they come up with their numbers seems to be total guess work. 

It'll be a great day when we're all able to live off grid and independent of any such foolishness. 

That was one of the things I was talking to Claude about yesterday, via Jeannette's translation. He was lamenting the fact he doesn't have a wood stove in his new place and I consider myself to be in the exact same boat. I love the wood stove. Love! We had one in that god forsaken Canning place a couple of years ago, right in the kitchen, and it was the greatest. Mind you, they only really heat the one area they're in, especially true if the house is particularly poorly insulated, but it's like I said to Jeannette, if you don't have a massive house, it's really all you need. Maybe a fireplace in the bedroom.. like the old days! 

Look a guy can dream, okay. And at this point, given Jeannette's opinion on such things, that's what it will remain; a dream. But honestly, a system that's not so dependant on pipes and a myriad of various ways the whole thing can shut down, will be something I'll be looking into for the next house. I also don't even think we really need all this multiple floor business. Big houses with lots of rooms are great for families that don't want to be around each other much -great for "privacy", but who needs 'em? 

This is probably just the coffee talking, so to anyone who may be affected by such changes -Jeannette and Blaze I'm looking at you, as well as my parents, whom I believe are still planning on moving in with us- don't fret too much. These are long term goals and in the end may result in nothing more than a small wooden cabin, with a kick ass wood stove in the middle, across the street from the house, where dear old me will go to work every day... and perhaps sleep, when Jeannette is extra annoyed with my nonsense. 

I did get a good amount of work done yesterday on those visuals I was telling you about. The cartoon is coming together nicely, but slowly. I might not have everything ready to go for Saturday (day 501) especially on account of our camping trip today, but it won't be long. More likely the updates will come gradually over the course of the next couple of weeks, as I post what I have. It was a day I needed though, a break from the memory work; that break extending to today as well, and also just as a nice change of gears from what I've been up to lately. 

There's just something about drawing that is very calming. It's another focus thing I suppose. I just sit down with the drawing tablet and a list of things to conjure up, and then suddenly it's time to eat and I'm pulled out of the computer shocked that so much time has passed. It's the same thing every time. The good news is that after today, once we return tomorrow, we'll have our babysitter all weekend -as she's staying with us- and so I'll probably get a lot of the work done that I had in mind. Pretty close to right on schedule. 

Okay, well that's going to do it today. 499. We still haven't caught the mouse in the house. I'm starting to wonder about these new traps Jeannette bought, that the woman at the hardware store "swore by"; they don't require any food or peanut butter at all, but the piece of yellow plastic shaped like cheese is supposed to do the trick.