Day 498: Early Start


It's 9:49 and I'm pounding this thing out now, like a big stupid rock I've been told to break with a hammer. Not just any rock though, this blog of mine, but a massive boulder by the side of the road that they get prisoners to hammer all day for no reason in particular other than it tires them out and keeps their violent tendencies under wraps.

...hmmm, well perhaps not quite like that kind of rock, as I don't really do this to keep from hurting anyone... but surely this blog is a lot like pounding rocks in other ways; or maybe rolling them up a hill, like Sisyphus in the bowels of Hades, condemned to roll a giant rock up a hill only to watch it tumble down the other side, where he would have to start all over from again... for eternity. You know Sisyphus right? I think he was Perseus's father... or maybe Odysseus. I don't know. The ancient greeks all looked the same in my imagination. 


Rock pounding/rolling: What a grim assessment of this endeavour! 

I can't help it. I was woken up at 7:30 this morning by Jeannette coming into the bedroom to remind my dumb ass that it was garbage day today. We've missed the last couple you see, so the garage was starting to look like a bit of a landfill. We've had a handful of bears out there going through it all for the past few days. Bears or flies, who can say? I'm no scientist.

Taking the garbage out here is a bit of a process as well, I'm sure I've mentioned to you before. It's not a simple walk out to the curb in this area, no sir E bob, no no, you have to strap the compost bin to the back of your car (if you don't have a trailer) and drag it two kilometres over an increasingly pot hole riddled road, and then pull it all out onto the street for the garbage gentlemen to pick up. I've already ripped the back handle off our new car in the process, though that was admittedly my fault, as I succumbed to an early morning case of zombie brain and tried to back up with the compost bin bungee corded to the back hatch.

Yeah.. just so you know for future reference, that doesn't work. 


After I got back I sat down at this very table, where I sat last night writing my blog - in order to take advantage of the early morning internet service that rolls in occasionally like a lazy fog, mostly during the day - so that I could post that last entry. Since there's no end in sight to the internet woes of our area, I trust you have made the appropriate adjustments and now don't think anything too terrible has happened when you don't see my blog up when expected, at the end of the night. Trust that it will be written and waiting on the computer the next morning. I believe I've at least earned that trust over the course of now... almost... 500 days of writing. 

Speaking of which, I now also have my drawing tablet set up right next to me quite near a head and brain that are in no mood for memory work, (honestly, if I look at another playing card I'm going to go punch of WPT poker star in the face) so it looks like I'll be trying to get some more visuals done for the blog by this weekend, and perhaps a slightly more streamlined site in general, while it rains outside today. 

Our wood guy, the intrepid frenchman Claude, arrived this morning about ten minutes after I'd returned from the garbage run, five minutes after I posted the blog, at about 8:30 or so (if you're keeping track of the time please note that I didn't actually JUMP out of bed to go do the chore when Jeannette woke me up. No, I continued to lay in bed, flirting dangerously with falling back to sleep and missing another week, until I finally kicked my legs over the side and went down stairs to start beating the bears out of my way.)

Claude's chain broke the last time he was here so he told us we needed to go get him a new one. Jeannette got all the information on what he needed and picked it up yesterday, but when he showed up today it turns out they had given us the wrong one. You can't win with this kind of stuff guys, I'm telling you! So he's out there now doing his best with a sub-par chain on a different chain saw, while we wait for Jeannette to return with the new one. She got up and took Blaze to my mothers house for the day and will be making that stop on the way back. 

It's a real nuisance this wood business, of which I am even now only partially versed, and I share Jeannette's concern about getting it all done before the snow falls. You don't want wood laying around uncut when the snow comes because by all accounts it'll rot and will all be rendered a waste. We also don't want to shell out the however many thousands of dollars it would take to get a big crew in here, with their monster machines, driving all over the property throwing trees around like match sticks. Sure it would get done quicker, and even as I write that I feel the temptation creeping in, but again, at this point, annoying as it is, with me starting up my company from scratch, it's probably smart to just keep going as we are, having two guys working intermittently to get it all cleaned up. 

Yeesh, even as I wrote that I realize how bad it sounds! 


I have another wood guy I can call today, a referral from one of my neighbours. He was the guy that delivered us our wood last winter. His operation is actually just up the road so I'll give him a shout today and see if he can come down and give me a better option. Who can say? Otherwise, as I said, I'm going to be doing little but pounding away at some website work hoping that sheer willpower will allow me to get something up by the weekend, and satisfy both my desire to spruce up the site, and your desire to visit the site and not get bored with old digital wallpaper. 

I'm encouraged by the fact it's now 10:08 and I'm nearly done the entry for the day. Encouraged, but still exhausted from a lack of sleep, and working moment to moment on not getting irritated at the fact that our yard is a mess. But you see, I can't let that irritation creep in, or when Jeannette comes to me with a Category 5 level of annoyance over the very same issue, as she did yesterday, I will only amplify that annoyance level, instead of calm it down.

It's no simple task, this balancing act I play with myself and my surroundings, but I have to say it is getting easier the more I force myself to put it into practice. 

Oh, and I just emailed that theatre in Wolfville I told you about the other day. Sent a little introduction and a brief account of my intentions. We'll see if she gets back to me. So far the track record for getting replies from people has been wonky at best. Pretty soon I may have to build my own theatre/studio/offices/team.

gOd knows I have the wood for it... for now. 

Have a good day munks