Day 495: North Mountain Internet Goblins


The internet appears to be an ongoing issue up here, with little we can do except wait and see what the technicians say. They're on the way you see, these wizards of invisible connections that zig zag through the sky all around us.. I assume. On the way to see what they can see about our poor internet uplink, such as it is. According to what they were looking at, on their end, when we called today, we didn't have any connection at all. 

At least that matched the records we had, at that precise moment. It's always nice when you at least line up with the other person on the phone with you, from the company, whichever one it happens to be at the particular moment in question. Not nice that the one time we're lining up is when we can both see quite clearly that my connection -which is to say, their service (or.. that which I am paying for) isn't currently in existence.

Nice at least that we can get right to the troubleshooting, rather than go through the whole "have you tried unplugging it and then plugging it back in??" 

For the love of God yes. Everyone has. That technique for restoring internet service has been filed under 'common knowledge' for quite some time now. Right up there with blowing into the Nintendo to get the game to play.

Been there, done that, what's next technological genius voice on the phone? 

So wizards are on the way, but the likelihood is that it's an issue with the area. Maybe the weather. Could be there's a goblin living way up in the tower, as goblins are known to do. Might also be that there are too many people using it to stream too many things, causing a backlog of local traffic that the servers can't handle... in an area where there's maybe four houses in sight from any which direction you look.. and that's when you're standing on a hill.

So either the internet company has slightly questionable reasons for why our internet sucks, or the four houses you do see are full of Edward Snowden's and Mark Zuckerberg's and I'm going to start getting more headaches on account of all the data streaming all around me at night... while I can't even log into my own website to post a blog. 

Come on North Mountain hackers, cut a guy a break would ya?
You can't all be in World of Warcraft at once. Go mow your lawn. 

This is all questionable in my opinion, is what I'm saying, but what are you going to do? Aside from start a kickstarter campaign to come up with some kind of publicly created communications system that doesn't include money at all. Perhaps a digitized 'cup and string' system.. but you know, using some technology to enhance it with the word quantum in it. That always seems to work. 

That was our morning, trying to get that sorted out. I also took Blaze in to his grandparents for the day. I hadn't seen them in a while, stuffed into the basement of my house as I've been the last few days, mending a busted up back -I'll tell you all about the new injury momentarily- and working on the memory stuff. They were doing quite well and had my new niece with them. Her and Blaze have an interesting relationship. She pretty much sits and watches as he tries to figure out how everything in his general vicinity works. He's like a mad scientist this kid, when he's on the floor with toys. 

So the injury. Embarrassing is what it is, if you must know. You see, Jeannette has been having a hard time bending over recently, on account of her swollen gut meat -stuffed with baby as she currently is- so earlier she asked if I could get the clothes out of the drier for her. Seemed simple enough, a task I've successfully completed MANY times before in fact. This time however, there was to be a slight snag. When I squatted down to pull them out, and after I'd already scooped them all up in my arms, a tendon in my knee grabbed and a bolt of pain floored me. 

I suppose from Jeannette's perspective it must have been something quite hilarious to witness, as I went from pulling clothes out of the driver to suddenly wincing, moaning, and then doing a slow, controlled fall back onto the bathroom floor, with the whole pile of clothes still in my arms. Laughable, no doubt, it must have been to watch it all go down, not knowing what the hell I was doing until finally I summoned the will to squeeze out, "babe... my knee. My knee.." 

It's from an old injury this one; yes, from my hockey days. I tore a knee ligament when I was younger, to the point where before I got it seen by a doctor my knee would just give out and I'd fall over. It healed well enough but for the rest of my life if I'm squatting a certain way the knee grabs, or kinks, or whatever happens in there and down I go. It's like a charlie horse inside your knee, is the best way to describe it. Anyway, it was the worst one I've had for sure, and it's still quite sore now, though it doesn't seem to be anything too bad. I'm fully mobile and could still climb a tree if I had to, but it would be a slow and laborious ascent. 

I'm falling apart over here guys! Soon I won't be able to move at all -I'm running out of body parts. With the internet being sporadic as it is we won't have any way of speaking to the outside world. 

Sounds to me like it might be the best time to do that Vipassana Meditation program. 

Like Jeannette could last 10 days without talking.