Day 491: Canadian Kung Fu

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.01.42 PM.png

The back has gone from bad to worse.

The situation is grim.

The good news with this kind of discomfort, I suppose, is that at least I know there is an end in sight, and that eventually the treatment will work; then the long road to fitness begins all over again. But for now, today, ..grim, grim, grim. I currently have a heating pad strapped to my back, in the only comfortable position I can find in the house -the recliner- where I may or may not sleep tonight. We'll see. 

I was hoping it would be in better shape today but it hasn't improved much. It feels like I'm carrying a 40 pound weight dangling from my head. All the muscles up around my shoulders and neck are stretched taut from sheer exhaustion. The spasms will come next, if I'm not careful, so the next few days I'll really lock it down and do nothing. 

Perhaps this is the message trying to get through. Most of the memory work I have left to do is all mental, a fact I realized as I was laying upstairs on the couch immobilized watching Blaze frolic. I've made my lists, now I have to create and lock in the images; a fact I've been saying for a while, only now my body is forcing it on me. No worries. I'll get the job done. Though I'm still hoping that the appointment tomorrow will help get me all sorted out and back on my feet. 

I couldn't even walk the dog today at one point, the poor bastard. It just feels like the back is going to grab at any moment, and I want nothing to do with that pain again! So I sit here, with a heating device on me, writing this thing. 

I spent the day dicking around with designs today. I began work on a potential comic, the resurgence of an art form I used to do all the time as a kid. Thought it might be a nice touch to add to the blog at some point. Spruce up the joint a little bit. 

Blaze spent the day at my parents place with a lot of his cousins. He's moving around quite rapidly now, the little bugger. I'm certainly no match for him in my current condition, so keeping up with him has been difficult. Thankfully I have Jeannette around who manages to keep it all hinged together despite building another little human in her gut meat. She's getting big now, that one. Not as big as when she was full of Blaze -the same time last year... kill me now- but getting bigger and bigger. Crazy to think we'll be having another one coming soon. 

She asked me today what I would think if we got pregnant again right away. I told her I'd be fine with it. I'd be a little concerned for her, obviously, and don't plan on going in that direction mind you: I was merely responding to a question, and quite honestly. I say bring them on! I've seen nothing so far that would make me not want to bring more life into the world. Shitty diapers aside, and I've seen many of them - I've had it on my clothes, on my hands, he's peed on me multiple times, puked all over my throat... and I'd have another one tomorrow. 

Now, that's not to say the concept doesn't make me want to work even harder, so I can make sure we're able to handle that many incoming little ones while still being able to do the work I need to do. By Cerberus's Beard it certainly does. But it's not a good enough reason to slow down at all. Bring on the kids. 

It just occurred to me that I might also need to get some form of cybertronic back to handle that many kids running around... which means I'll probably need means sufficient enough to achieve that level of upgrade. Hmmm, I don't have much use for money, but the idea of never having back pain again.. AND being able to take a mack truck to the shoulder blades, is quite attractive I must admit. Surely science is nearly there. We're growing human ears on rats, we're printing tools and buildings, how long must we wait for cybertronic back parts? What are you thinking, 3..4 weeks? 

I don't know, something's going to have to change over here. I still need this body! It's been so athletic in the past, you don't understand! I flew around the ice like a tasmanian devil penguin. And now this. I've grown into the body of a sitcom actor.. a year and more removed from my sitcom. No! I say no! I reject this reality and am more determined than ever to get into American Ninja Warrior shape. 

Or at least Canadian Kung-Fu Panda shape. 

Which is pretty much where I'm at right now, with the belly and the Asian themed bowled hair cut. All I need to do is improve a few of my kicks -maybe keep my own head lifted up- and I'm all good to go. 

Which I'm going to do now. I need at least two hours worth of energy to get up the stairs to bed. There may be some crawling involved. And some rolling. I may camp out on the kitchen floor for a bit, looking for crumbs to give me the strength to continue. Oh the woes of being overly dramatic my friends!

Such a heavy burden, being able to exaggerate to such a degree!