Day 489: Decidedly Not a Ninja


It's grim guys. I'm sitting here in the basement, having just driven the babysitter home, and am watching American Ninja Warrior, with barely the physical constitution to pick up a tissue for all the tears I'm shedding watching people in shape rip through a super fun obstacle course, when I can barely keep my head up. Grim Grim Grim. 

I'm getting squeezed in early at the physiotherapy place tomorrow, though the girl that's been helping me out has moved to Toronto. I'm starting all over again with someone new, having to explain the situation all over again, to someone new; which is particularly difficult to do when you don't really know what I've done to it to begin with. I'm getting the guy everyone wants tomorrow. He's got a three month waiting list but he's sliding me in. That's what happens when you get Jeannette to call; she's a natural born salesman that one. 

In addition to the shit back, I've heard all the calls loud and clear for me to get what's left of my hair chopped off. Don't you worry about that. If you thought I looked at that picture of myself yesterday and felt happy with the reflection looking back, you're crazy! If I don't wipe out every tick on the planet for this gross injustice of my steely, woodsman good looks, I'll consider my life an absolute waste of time!! Jeannette was reminded of the fact I'd given her free reign over the hair as well, should the little bastards get me, so she told me to stop whining and just go get it cut. 

It sounded a lot like an order. Like this wasn't her evil plan from the get go. 

So my back is busted up good again and I look like a moron. The only good news to report today is that we chopped down a whole new pile of trees. This time we've completely changed the property, tearing down all the trees on the north east corner of the lot, along the road, to make room for what we've already got stacked. I've got two wood guys working on opposite days who both seem to have a different opinion about what's good wood to burn. Unfortunately my tractor guy has stacked them all together so no one will simply come get the stuff I don't want to burn, and yada, yada, yada, at least we're getting somewhere. 

7am. Yikes.

We got up this morning at 6am when Hubble suddenly barked his face off for no reason that I could discern. I left him downstairs for the night, which was my fault, as when I do that he just sits in the window when the sun comes up and waits for a piece of grass to move so he can explode in his attempt to protect the entire world from some non-threat; great guard dog he is. I stumbled down stairs, thinking perhaps it was my wood guy, not realizing how early it was. I picked Hubble up and took him back upstairs. We might have just gotten back to sleep when the wood guy did get here and we did the whole thing all over again. 

Once I got him sorted out and he was off cosmetifying my yard, Jeannette and I packed Blaze up in the truck and we went out to get him some gas for his truck, and the chainsaw, as well as some other things we needed. I think the early morning excursion didn't sit too well with Jeannette as when we got home she was super nauseous so she handed me Blaze and went back to bed. Him and I kicked around for a while, him playing, me working -unless he came flying over to me for something or other- and then when he got tired I shipped him up to the Americas to sleep with Jeannette for a while. 

Then I sat and listened to my back creaking like an old pirate ship, and then tried to get some work done. Still plugging along but looked into some really interesting Mayan symbols today. I need some symbols for my memory system and figured I should use what's already out there, rather than completely re-invent the wheel. Two hours later I'd learned all about their 360 day calendar and their 260 day ritual calendar, as well as all kinds of interesting things about the deciphering of their language. Bought a book and everything. 

I may as well be a scholar, considering my current American Ninja Warrior days are past me. I'm sure I can put my own Humpty Dumpty back together again, but it'll be a long slow process.. that I have to take seriously. In fairness I really didn't stick to the exercises I was given the last time, which is what likely led to this most recent pain. So my own fault, as everything is when it comes right down to it. Actions and consequences kids. And even consequences for non-actions, which in my case, seems far more accurate. 

So that's it. I can't be yapping at you guys all night, I've got to get up at 6a friggin' m. 
Nite munks.