Day 487: Fumes


I’m writing this in another program as it seems my internet is down once again. It’s intermittent these days, this connection of mine, causing Jeannette and myself quite a bit of consternation. Not sure what the issue is, but hopefully things clear up soon. How likely that is if we don’t do something to change it for the better is difficult to say. But probably nothing will happen at all. 

I’m writing this now anyway, because it’s habit now, 486 days worth, and if I have to post it tomorrow then that’s what I’ll do. But mostly, I have to go to bed soon. I’d love to be there now… but I have you. No more rides down the mountain though, if there’s no connection. I’m no longer that precious with this thing. Though perhaps I’ve never been. 

I’m tired today. 

I stayed up late last night working, knowing that it would kill me today, and that’s pretty much what happened. I did get up early, with Blaze and Jeannette, dragging myself out of bed only after a sufficient number of threats. We ate, got Blaze sorted out and then went to pick up his babysitter, before finally ending up at the pool. We were hoping to get him in there today, it’s been a while since we’ve all been wet, but as we were pulling up it looked pretty deserted; a song we’ve heard before lately, and a lot. She then asked me if I had checked online, and I had, but when when I looked it up they still had the old schedule listed; which I’d told her yesterday.. and then we both said that we should call before we got down there.. which we neglected to do this morning. Because we’re shit heads. 

So instead we picked up a few things and then headed back home. 

It was a day of cleaning. Jeannette got to work on the house while I finished mowing the lawn, finally, and then decided that since my brain was too tired to do anything worthwhile work-wise, I may as well continue to on into the basement to see if I could beat back the jungle a bit down there. I made it most of the way but ended up going for a long walk with Hubble instead. 

I did get a call from my grandfather today telling me he had managed to get his phone set up, and keep his number, but that at some point he’d like me to go in and download all the things he wants; Facebook and all that. No worries there. I’m just hoping this second time around with the iPhone will be more successful; for both our sakes. 

Wow, I’ve already lost interest in my own entry tonight. This is the problem when I’m tired. The machine just wants to shut down. Oh I can watch TV for hours yet, sitting in this chair like a zombie, eating cheesy’s and channel surfing, but when it comes to anything creative, like writing or having a conversation, I’m mush. Useless. Fully incapacitated.. Or partially I suppose, given the levels to which one can be incapacitated. 

Tomorrow Blaze will be off with his grandparents and I’ll likely get some work done then. I do also have to set up some kind of a plan for the ridiculous pile of wood in my yard. By all accounts it needs to be split and left to dry in the sun if it’s to be any use to me this winter. Who knows of such things?? Not me. Before that can happen I have to get more trees cut down and blah, blah, blah, owning your own house is a lot of work. 

I’ve also just been informed by Jeannette -who I thought was in bed- that we may be making a trip into the city to the Babies R Us for some new gear for the coming bundle this week. We need a car seat for Blaze now, since the new one will have his; a sweet car seat, stroller combo. I love how they make the regular car seats as expensive as the stroller combos. You get so much less but because you HAVE to have one they can charge whatever they want. I’m just echoing something I’ve heard from Jeannette a few times recently. It’s not something I find particularly upsetting myself. You get what you’ve got to get and that’s it. 


I’m on fumes. 

Not a good time to bring me a phone and ask me to survey all the different car seats that are available. I don’t have it in me tonight. I’m barely hanging in with this thing. I almost hope there isn’t a connection! Just so I can postpone posting this miserable attempt at an entry into the digital jungle. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this one. Have a good night munks.