Day 486: The Fog Monster


I've been in a dense fog all day. This entry is going to be a struggle. 

Please don't misunderstand, when I say 'dense fog' all I mean is that I've been buried in my memory work all day and am now far too tired to write this bloody thing out. The untrained mind, after all, is a lot like trying to navigate through a dense fog, thus the comparison. It's going very well thank you very much. Not that you've asked anything about it whatsoever. It's a slow, plodding course forward, through the dense brush of the brain, but I'm slowly starting to see the fruits of this very unpaid for labour. Unpaid in terms of financial successes, I dare say, but not without its rewards I can assure you. 

Though most of them are quite boring sounding for others to hear. Thus, we avoid them for now. 

Amy and Jeannette had Blaze out all day. Well, scratch that, we had him in the morning obviously; he ate, played, fussed, and then napped. While they napped -Amy was not with them at the time- I was in the office here working. Then, at 2pm Amy arrived, Hubble barked his face off, and Blaze woke from his nap. If you didn't put it together just then, all those events worked in a quick and efficient order of happening. Knock, bark, baby.

I chatted with them for a second then came back up here and dug back into my lap top. They threw some more food in his face and then packed him up and headed out for the day to run all the errands Jeannette had scheduled, and all the other ones she'd had scheduled for some day prior to this one, but had forgotten to do, in all her pregnant brain glory. I don't make fun, you understand, or mock... do I not have the equivalent of a pregnant belly myself -I'm thinking second trimester, if I may be generous to myself- and do I not also constantly forget things... like my wallet.. or the keys? 

No no, I merely point out because it is happening. And I am nothing if not honest... aside from any transgressions in the past. Though these days, the past is an even denser fog than my brain! That's a good thing, if it's not yet clear. 

Hubble was a bit of a shit today. He's picked up some bad habits from living with my parents dogs for the two weeks we were away. Never the scavenger this guy, never the kind of dog you'd find weaving in and out from between your legs under the dining room table searching like an anteater for scraps of dropped food. What a shit. Then he goes and chews up a baby tylenol bottle. A few months ago you could have thrown a cheesy on the floor and he wouldn't have touched it unless I gave him the go ahead. 

Okay it wasn't that tight of a ship over here but you see what I'm getting at. 

He's slipping, this dog of mine. I had to put him in the bathroom for a few minutes, waving the bottle in question in front of his face like we were in West Hollywood all over again and I was trying to keep him from annoying my roommate so he didn't get kicked out. I'll have to keep a much closer eye on him these next few days, really drop the foot on the floor; putting it 'down' so to speak. 

When they got back they did their thing while Jeannette made dinner and then after we ate they gave the kid a bath and I drove Amy home. And that wraps up another day at the office. I'm pretty excited about having someone around to help Jeannette so I can really focus on what I need to get done. I'm having a lot of very creative ideas that I'd like to finally be able to kick into motion. So many good people waiting to get involved! 

But patience. Somehow. Patience. 

Jeannette isn't sleeping well right now. The baby won't stop moving. Blaze is fine, it's the new little weed in her gut meat that's giving her all the trouble. It rolls, this one; unlike Blaze who kicked and punched and generally flailed around and lashed out. Not so for this latest addition. It's like a sand worm in there it seems, like the movie Tremors with Kevin Bacon, a villain in constant motion beneath the surface.

It must make sleeping difficult. Shit, I don't know how she can carry on a conversation with me, whilst the lock ness baby monster swims around in her belly. How does such an event not steal all attention?? Craziness!! 

Other than all that I really don't have much to relate that wouldn't bore you. It's not inherently boring I don't think, the work I'm up to, it's just difficult to explain and a little on the technical side right now. Again, I liken it to learning a magic trick. Once you learn it you're golden and can explain it to as many people as will listen.

But until then, you're just a monkey in the dirt fiddling with sticks in a fog. 

That's as good a place as any to end this I think.