Day 484: Constant Threat of Rain

Much better day today, though weather wise we've been under a constant threat of storm. Nothing has manifested yet, not even a drizzle despite the dark clouds and generally smothering humidity, but it looks like it could open up in any moment. It makes me glad we're up on the mountain with the ocean breeze blowing in, though at times today even that was absent. 

Already things are starting to feel back to normal. Waking up in your own bed must surely help with that, even though Jeannette slept with Blaze last night. Hubble is no substitute for her however, though I will say that he at least moves over when I give him a shove. More than I can say for Jeannette once she's out; especially now, with seven months of baby in her. I'd have an easier time rolling a manatee into the water. 

Beautiful goddess she is of course...

No part of me wanted to get out of bed this morning. I think I'm still recovering from the road trip. I'm an old man now, what can I say. Nothing a little wall climbing can't fix, a pastime I hope to dabble in now that we have our babysitter watching Blaze. She's here now, thanks be to gOd! Her and Jeannette popped out to pick up some things; coffee and supplies and whatnot, and won't be too long, so I decided to pop down and pound this thing out before getting down to work. 


I did get some work done this morning, most of it organizational in nature, but also managed to delve into the memory work again. I can finally see a light at the end of this latest tunnel I've doggedly crawled through, though again, it's hard to get any idea of when it might really click in and start working. I try not to get ahead of myself with it but it's hard not to. I know how much it will help me in moving forward, keeping track of all my creative endeavours, as well as staying very organized with regard to the production company and all the balls I'll have in the air at once. 

You should see the massive pile of wood in my yard. Actually, I suppose I can just go snap a picture of it. Hmmm, perhaps you'll see multiple shots of the chaos that is now my yard. The progress is slow but at least it's happening. It'll be so great to have more room out back to do whatever we want to do.. which I'm sure we'll figure out at some point down the road. For now, it's enough that we have a little piece of land that we're able to dick around with and a house big enough for a couple of little buggers running around.. though the way Blaze is already moving, he might need an airport hanger to contain him. 

He's begun standing up behind one of his push cars and walking behind it. Just suddenly did it yesterday while my parents were over for supper. We were all sitting around after eating, in the living room, while he was playing with his toys on the floor. Then all of a sudden he gets up behind the toy we'd been trying to get him to play with and walk behind for weeks now, and just started going. He took three steps and then raised a hand and yelled very loud, which to me sounded very similar to "I'm the King of the World," from Titanic. 

So we went from one small step for Blaze, one big step for Blaze-kind yesterday to walking laps around the kitchen today. Well, one lap, but he's progressing quickly this guy. I had to show him of course, getting down and pushing it myself until he got pissed off and did it himself. Then I gave him a cheesy and we were pals again. 

Perhaps pushing his little car was my way of working out the desire I have to mow the lawn. The grass is... well it's as you'd expect it to be after having not been mowed for three weeks. Long and wild and unruly. Yesterday when we got back it was just too hot, though I did take the mower out and do a bit of work... until I felt the heat slowly killing me from above and called it quits. So it looks even worse now, like an unfinished hair cut. My parents came last evening so I didn't do it then and now all day I've been eyeing it but it's constantly looked like rain. 5pm and it still hasn't come. 

Look I realize these aren't major issues. I'm just letting you know what's going on today. 

Shit man, it even looks sunny out now. The sky is teasing me.