Day 481: On The Road Again

Okay, well if last nights entry was STILL too long for you I have some good news: tonight's entry will be about as long as a business card. Fitting since today we were all business, and have been on the road heading back to Nova Scotia since about 11:30am; not a terribly early start to the day, but we only had a seven hour trip to our favourite B&B in Edmunston so why get up ass early? 

Tomorrow we'll head out much earlier, after taking advantage of the breakfast Norma will be providing -a fantastic spread we didn't take advantage of on the way to Ottawa a couple weeks ago due to a sick baby and desire to just get the drive over with!  

So far, this drive has been much easier, which shouldn't be too surprising when you factor is the fact we didn't start out driving three hours in the opposite direction to be told the ferry was going to be of no use to us.

Jeannette is having a bit of a rougher go this trip back, as the belly has gone through another sudden and rather pronounced explosion in the size department, making life all cooped up in a vehicle very difficult indeed. She's handling it like a champ of course, this Warrior Queen of mine, but I can tell she's quite uncomfortable. We do our best to keep her as comfy as possible but at the end of the day there's only so much you can do.

This baby is coming soon!..,

I had a terrifying flashback last night when I walked in the room and she was doubled over the bed trying to get comfortable and wait for a cramp to work itself out.  It was the position itself that caused the flashback, as it was the same pose she kept going back to in the delivery room while in the midst of a pain that I will never know. It was a steady strategy of movement between that position and a nearby shower where she would sit naked on an exercise ball while I, fully clothed and sopping wet, pointed the stream at whatever part of her body she yelled at me to hit. I don't remember reading that in any of the books! That whole day has been etched in my memory, and I don't need any memory techniques to bring it all back either. 

We've got a ways to go however, no need getting all worked up tonight. Blaze is actually already asleep and it's only 11:30pm, a surprising turn of events considering he's been cooped up himself and sleeping in the car all day. I guess that's the thing about a road trip, even though you're not actually moving your body much, you still end up feeling exhausted.

Which is how I feel myself right now. Time to sleep. Home tomorrow! 

Nite Munks