Day 478: Yet Another Beard Wager


1:22pm. I'm on my own today. Jeannette, her sister and the kids all went to the mall leaving me here all by my lonesome to FINALLY get some work done. Problem is I don't particularly feel like it. I figured that if I at least got the blog done it might spur me on to get back at the system. We'll see. I suppose that will only happen if I'm able to write something half decent, which as I currently sit here, trying to think of something to say, doesn't look good!

I am pretty excited about getting back home, only insofar as we have a babysitter lined up for the summer, which means I'll have the time to really get into the groove work-wise, and will do my best to take advantage of the time I'll get before the babysitter has to go back to school, and the next little firecracker comes spiralling out of Jeannette. That should give me enough of an opportunity to get the bare minimum done, which I'll say is going to be at least a pilot written -the science fiction series- so that I can finally start the ball rolling on that project. I'm also hoping to do a bit of a re-design of the blog. That last goal has been on the books for a while, but I just haven't had the opportunity to get it done. I'm hoping that changes. 

I have 22 days until 500. Will it be enough time to do something worthwhile? Who can say?!

We just pulled a trigger on a double stroller. Don't mean to brag. I just received word from Jeannette. She's on a mission today while out at the mall, to shore up our resources for the aforementioned firecracker on its way. To update you on the opinions of the sex of the coming package, I can tell you that Jeannette's grandmother now thinks it's a girl. This is a stunning turn of events as to this point she had predicted we'd have five boys. ..not this time around mind you, she doesn't fly in the face of ultrasound technology completely, but once she learned of the news we were pregnant again she made a very bold and assured prediction that the baby would come with yet another dangly bit. 

Upon seeing Jeannette yesterday however, she has switched her prediction to a girl. It's the way Jeannette is carrying this time around. She was a little ...rounder... with Blaze -and I say that only because it's what others have said, and because she's not here to slap me up side the head- with this one however, she's more belly. And man oh man, is that belly getting bigger. I noted her rather significant waddle today as she was getting ready to leave. It was like watching a duck putting on sandals. 

We made another baby related bet yesterday. Jeannette propositioned that if it turns out to be another boy I would have to shave my beard off, but that if it was a girl, I could keep it for 'as long as I want'. I immediately agreed. I don't really care either way, for both situations; whether it's a boy or a girl, or whether I keep a beard or shave it off, but I do love having things to look forward to, and wagers are a good way to add more fun. Also, it's a much better way to lose a beard, rather than waking up in the morning with a tick attached to your body; our other beard related bet. 

Blaze slept quite well last night, and seems to be turning a bit of a corner. He still occasionally gets up wanting a bottle of milk at around 6am, but Jeannette manages to get him to go back to sleep pretty well. Of course, the fact he's sleeping with us is hardly an ideal situation, even if he is finally sleeping through the night, but when you're out of your own home, and your own routine, you pretty much just do whatever needs to be done to get by. There's no reason to keep everyone up in the house you're staying in, in order to break your kid of a bad habit that you created! Better in my mind to just wait till we get home to sort him out all over again. I'm relatively optimistic, given our past experience with him, that we'll be able to put him back on track pretty quickly when we get back. 

It's amazing how you just start to get used to the cues of a baby after spending every day with one. It's the same as everything I'm sure, consistent exposure brings familiarity. And there is no more consistent exposure than with a baby. They're with you all the time! 

I'm not looking forward to the drive home so much. We leave on Sunday. I think we'll try the ferry again, as it still makes good sense to take, given the fact it frees you up from sitting in the car, but we'll surely call first, a few times, to make sure we get the schedule right. That still doesn't help us with the first day, but I think now that Blaze is feeling better and we'll likely be able to get a good amount of sleep the night before, it should be fine. Though even if it isn't I likely won't complain about it again, so that Jeannette's friend Andree-anne doesn't give me shit again the next time I see her!

I still have the Quebec flag she left me in the trunk of the pilot. I'll probably pull it out and attach it to the car on the way through that province on Sunday. Hopefully it'll take the edge off the other drivers around us who may look at the Nova Scotia license plate and think we're an easy mark.  

Okay, I've got to go get some work done. Have a good one guys.