Day 474: Drowned Rat


It's 10:04pm. We just got in from a lovely little walk in the rain. (not sure if the sarcasm fully translates with this font...) It didn't start out that way, we're not crazy people, when we'd started the walk it was cool but relatively nice out. About five minutes in it started raining and we all got wet; Jeannette, her mom, her mom's husband, myself and young master Blaze. It's not a big deal mind you, and I probably wouldn't have even bothered to mention it, had we not just gotten in, and I wasn't still cold and wet. I'm a bit of a whiner if you haven't already guessed!

Speaking of whining, I think Blaze was even more put out by the wet walk than I was, screaming from the other room as he now is. We're at Jeannette's mom's place for the night, as I mentioned in the blog last night I think, and as such she and Blaze are sleeping in the other room while I'm sleeping here. This isn't for reasons of old fashioned'ness or anything, but more simple convenience. The bed I'm in isn't big enough for all three of us, nor is the one in the other room, so for tonight we split up... and I get a night of uninterrupted sleep!

No sudden shrieks in my ear, no unconscious baby fists punched into my face, just sweet, blissful, dreamless sleep. 

I've even pre-prepared the late night milk bottle for the little screamer so that she can just reach over and feed him where they lay and I won't have a screeching baby placed on my chest at 3am like EVERY OTHER TIME we've stayed here!

He's been a trooper all day though, I will give him that. We've been out from pretty much the get go today, getting up and leaving to meet J's family for brunch in downtown Ottawa. Blaze got passed around like a joint at the table and had no issues with anyone, making him a pretty big hit. He's good like that, I must say, quite sociable, and a genuine smile that he flashes often and easily. Unless you give him a reason to get wonky of course. It's great having all those ready hands reaching out to take him as well, so that his parents can have a little bit of a break and enjoy a meal or two without interruption. Oh, we're doing our best to take full advantage of that you can be sure. 

After brunch we then went to the mall where Jeannette met up with a couple of her friends and I went to the coffee shop to get some work done. When we were in the elevator going between floors there was another young couple with a baby in a stroller who started chatting with us. They asked how old Blaze was and we told them, nine months, but when I asked how old their little guy was, thinking he was likely over a year at least, I was a little shocked when they said six months. It was the biggest baby I've ever seen. Not chunky either, just LARGE. Thick. Solid. Durable. Fully proportional I should say, and super cute, but one BIG assed hombre!

Not a surprise I guess, considering the dad was a bit of a monster too. But I don't recall ever seeing a baby that big. He's going to be a bruiser. 

I still think Blaze's hands were bigger. Honestly, this kid has the hands of a miner. It's insane. 

I got a bit of work done at the mall, but it's never an ideal situation, trying to shoehorn work in wherever you happen to be. I find the mall somewhat overwhelming these days. Too many people, too much shit. Nonsense, most of it, in my opinion. Unnecessary. But we do love our modern day baubles don't we?! I was quite proud of myself actually, this was the first time I've walked past a Mac store and didn't have any desire to go in. In fact, it was right across from the coffee shop where I was working -with old school cue cards I should add, like a caveman- and yet not once did I have any inkling to get up and go in.

I am officially off that wagon and it's quite freeing!

We were at the mall for a good three hours. Jeannette did a bit of shopping with her friends and then went and picked her mom up after her shift at the Bay was done. We all met up and then came home. Pretty uneventful day, if not for the post-dinner walk, where we got caught in a bit of rain. Tomorrow we are going to meet my accountant at noon and then heading back over to Jeannette's sister's place to stay there for the rest of the week. Jeannette's mother is off most of this week so likely the two of them will be taking Blaze most days and going out visiting while I stay back and work. Of course, that's always the plan but it doesn't often work out quite that way. We'll see!

I'm not overly excited about meeting up with my accountant. It's never an enjoyable experience for me, though I'm quite fond of him, and especially grim when I'm not currently employed! The good news is that I'll be able to get a lot more information for the production company so that I can start getting that ball rolling, though even as I say that I know that I won't be doing anything at all until I get the work I'm doing now finished and figured out. How long will it take?? Who can say? I know I'm closing in on something workable, but I couldn't say when I'll be able to sit down to write one of these entries out and be able to declare "DONE!! I now have a perfect memory!! (or as near as you can without any computer implants)"

I'm reasonably pleased by the fact that I still remember the number I created weeks ago as an example for my mother and Jeannette when I was giving them a run down of how my system works. 20 digits. Uttered only once. And yet I'm still able to pull it out of my head quite easily. I've downloaded the first 100 000 digits of pi, so that when I've got my mnemonic list solidified in my head I can start memorizing pi in order to both test out the system, and become proficient in it. The current world record is held by a guy from China who has memorized over 60,000 digits of pi, reciting them from start to finish; a feat that takes .. most of a single day. I have no desire to get to that level of proficiency, though I always like knowing the extremes that are out there for anything I get up to. I also find it helpful to know what's possible. 

I also wouldn't put it past me. Once I get my teeth in something... I'm rather self-competitive. 

So that's it for today then. Again, not a particularly eventful day, but it's nice to break up the trip a bit and spend some time with Jeannette's mom. She has some kind of hypnotic affect on Blaze that's quite something to watch. He has an absolute conniption fit whenever he sees her, waving his arms around like a crack addict with a smile that almost tears his face in half. She can also do pretty much whatever she wants to him and he isn't bothered at all. Try to aspirate his nose sometime, I dare you. He fights Jeannette and I tooth and nail every single time we have to do it, and yet when Sitto does it he just sits there completely calm, staring up at her with adoring eyes, as she shoves what amounts to a turkey baster into his nose -Total Recall style- and pulls out stream after stream of snot. 

He also gets very excited whenever she plays him arabic music. 
This is going to be a well rounded kid... if it kills me!

Nite munks.