Day 473: Post birthday food coma

It's 5:17pm right now but it may as well be midnight considering the amount of energy I have. I'm an absolute slug. I've had a dull headache pretty much all day, the kind that doesn't stop you from doing anything, but certainly doesn't help the cause. I blame the lack of sleep mostly. Blaze didn't sleep real well last night and managed to continue his streak of waking up howling for a bottle right around the exact moment his dad manages to fall asleep. Literally, I had just drifted off while laying in bed listening to a lecture, my sleep timer on audible had just kicked in, and he exploded awake right next to me screaming in my ear.

Jeannette always does her best to coax him back to sleep, but generally by that point in the night even the great and wonderous boobs are no match for his tantrum. One thng and one thing only will satisfy his mewling whine and send him back into the unconscious bliss of the sweet sleep and that is a bottle full of sweet, nourishing robo milk. Demon!

So after about five minutes of trying to chill him out she finally handed him off to me and went to fetch the object of his shrieking desire. Meanwhile, just like old times, he sat atop my chest and screamed directly into my face; only now that he's a bit older he's added a rather formidable squirming regimen to his little flip out sessions, making him that much more difficult to hang on to. It's quite a thing. 

I went for another late night walk last night, around the subdivision; this was before the event described above. That makes three nights in a row with a fourth planned for tonight if it doesn't rain. I don't know why I haven't been doing this back home, it's a great way to wind down after a long day, though perhaps the fact we're out in the middle of nowhere has something to do with that. I need some kind of a beating stick to keep the bears and coyotes at bay. l'll have to get one as I'm really digging the nighttime walks and will want to continue when we get back.

l used to do something similar when I was younger; not a walk, but I would strap roller blades to my feet and take a hockey stick and ball out around the neighborhood, like a crazy person. For awhile there I was even climbing the fence of a local technical college and making good use of the smooth surface and hockey nets of their outdoor rink in the summers. The rollerblade days are over I think, but the desire for those late night outings has certainly been rekindled. Instead of a hockey stick I now arm myself with headphones and audible, a fitting symbol of the change in my life in a lot of ways I think, and tuck into one of several lecture series I have downloaded. Last night, for instance, I was accompanied on my little stroll by one of the foremost authorities on the teachings of Confucius. You've got to love life in the modern world! All the benefits of the accumulated wisdom of the world without having to sit in a proper classroom or try to find and convince an actual guru to walk through a subdivision in Lamoges with you late at night!

Tomorrow we'll be heading out for a family brunch and then, if memory serves, we'll be going to the mall so Jeannette and her mom can do what they need to do while I get dropped off at one coffee shop or another to work until I'm needed again. Like the good mule I am. 

Enjoy your Sunday munks.