Day 472: Family Day

Short one tonight I think. I say that firstly because I'm writing it on my phone with the stylus, a somewhat cumbersome method -though I'm still not complaining about the phone itself and don't miss the iPhone at all... Jamie- and it'll also be short because I just don't feel I have much to say.

A shocker, that last admission, I know; its not an affliction that overwhelms me often. But tonight, as I lay here next to a reluctantly unconscious Blaze, having finally gotten him to calm down after a long night of excitement with his family, I'm fairly burnt out. 

Balls, I just woke Blaze up by doing nothing more than reaching over and plugging my phone in! Babies man! They can fall asleep in the middle of absolute chaos one minute, unaffected by the noise and confusion around them, and then wakeup screaming the next because you cleared your throat two rooms away. 

Fickle little shits, all of them! 

Precious gifts from above though, don't get me wrong. 

Jeannette managed to get him back to sleep lickity split so no real harm was done. He's no match for those boobs of hers. She just pulls him in close, piling his face into a mouthful of chest and out he goes again. 

Alas, I remember the days where I would fall asleep like that, though come to think of it I would often have to whine in much the same fashion to get the treatment as well. Like father like son I guess. 

So we had Jeannette's whole family over tonight for a big feast. It's been quite a while since all her siblings have been in the same room together, one of her brothers being the world traveler that he is. I had three little girls following me around all night, begging and pleading with me to play cards with them, only to turn around and mock me like little demons whenever I lost; which has been every single time we've played. It makes NO sense given the fact the game we play: WAR, isn't a game of skill whatsoever! It's just random, dumb luck.., that my new niece appears to have in spades... pun intended.

I don't let kids win either, at anything. I always hated it when I was a kid if I thought an adult was letting me win at anything, getting satisfaction from a victory only if I thought it was legit. I'm not saying I'll dunk on the head of a six year old or anything... though that might have more to do with the fact I can't dunk than anything else... nevertheless l think its important to keep all gameplay on the up and up. Surely it teaches them an important lesson somehow.

I got a bit of work done today, but not a ton. Certainly I'm making headway, I can say that with confidence. No doubt "the trick" is close at hand. I was even being mindful while we were playing cards to try and summon the image I created for each one as the cards were played; certainly the first step toward mastery, but I'm not quite there just yet.

If I didn't get the amount of work done I wanted I have no one to blame but myself as I pretty much farted the aftenoon away by taking another long nap. I don't believe I'm totally to blame for that mind you, as I had only intended to take a short break to do a bit of reading in the bedroom when all of a sudden Jeannette shows up with young Master Blaze, shuts the curtains, turns the lights off, puts the rain sounds on and then passes out next to me. What the hell was I supposed to do?! I'm not a gladiator! You try reading the autobiography of a Yogi in a dark room, next to a baby, in the midst of what sounds like a digital monsoon season and see how that works out for you. 

Tomorrow I'll be back at it, fresh as a daisy, at least until all the same family members return, with a brand new batch of glorious food, to celebrate young Taylor's eighth birthday in style. 

I'm really hoping no one gives her a pack of cards...