Day 470: Half-Hearted Apology to Quebec


I apologize to all my Quebec friends who took offence to my off-handed comment about your driving skills in my last -or next to last- entry. Your honour was dutifully defended by one of Jeannette's closest friends today; La Belle Province's beloved Andree-anne. We haven't seen her in months and it was one of the first things she called me out on upon arriving. Evidently she reads the blog now, if only to keep up on the trials and tribulations of her friend Jeannette and the little Blazer.

I think she almost slapped me.
These french woman are passionate.
Not just behind the wheel it seems. 

Unfortunately I can't take the full extent of the comment back, continuing to believe in the veracity of it quite strongly as as I do, I merely mean to say that I apologize if any of you that the comments applied to -which is to say bad drivers | or drivers in Quebec; the two are synonymous- (SLAM!) if you may have been inadvertanly forced to reflect upon the truth of what you no doubt know and accept on a very deep psychological level.. as you drive around looking for cars with out of province license plates to throw poutine at.

I just hope you weren't having the entry read to you whilst driving, otherwise who can say what terrible damage and or altercations would have taken place. If it makes you feel any better I can at least further add that Vancouver drivers are even worse. Let that soften the blow of my opinion, if the half hearted apology above does not. I just don't generally like to complain too much about Vancouver's horrible motorists due to the fact that while I was there shooting Package Deal I did happen to 'graze' cyclist during in a rain storm on the way to set one day. As a result I usually try to keep all mention of province and it's roads out of the blog, but in order to smooth things over with Jeannette's dear friend, I offer it up tonight. 

As to Quebec however, I've never had an incident on the road there that was my doing, so I believe that allows me to cast a wide net and judge away, from the safe vantage point of... wait, I'm currently staying in Quebec right now aren't I?? LaMouge... that sounds suspiciously Parisian to me... (and also likely misspelled) ...perhaps I should hold off more consideration of this topic until we get safely into Ontario tomorrow. No doubt this blog is incredibly popular with french speaking police officers and I don't need them scouring the streets looking for the non-tinted Pilot tomorrow. They would seem like the type of people who gravitate toward blogs by out-of-work actors and their young families and their general philosophies of life. 

But all that took place much later in the day. We first got up in the am, got ready and then went to meet Jeannette's brother Tony and his two boys for lunch. Though the company was great and the kids were incessantly entertaining, I will say this, St. Hubert's isn't what it used to be. ...oh dear God I've turned into my grandmother!! That's exactly what she would write a blog about, a series of complaints about food and the loudness of music and the bad drivers... Haha. Okay maybe that was just for me. In any event, once again I've got to stick to my guns here. I used to love that place, St. Hubert's I speak of again. My father and I stumbled on it ages ago when we were trying to navigate through Quebec on a hockey trip, speaking only the dreaded Englais as we did, it was a difficult journey made much more palatable by the sudden discovery of that great chicken and rib bastion of goodness in the french winter wilderness. 

Not so anymore. As with most franchised eateries I've eaten at of late, I have a sense they sacrificed some of their down home authenticity for quickness of service and hoarding of money. Tony's poutine was balls and my pulled pork sandwich was sweeter and saucier than my mom after a night out with the ladies. Still, it was good to see everyone and as always Blaze throughly enjoyed his big bowl of mashed potatoes, a staple food he gets shovel fed whenever we're at a place like that. Loves the potats this kid. 

We did a bit of shopping, there's a birthday coming up, and then made our way home to meet Andree-anne. Look, the visit wasn't all about the Quebec driving or anything, don't get me wrong. She also made fun of me for complaining about my seven hour drive the other day. Looked at me like I was half a man while she was at it! Didn't take into account the details concerning the night before at all; with a sick baby and no sleep! Nope. Could it perhaps have more to do with my comments concerning the driving of her people than any lack of masculinity on my part then, one wonders?? Was she in fact, still lashing out?? A habit that was no doubt picked up over her years driving around Quebec in a consistent state of road rage? 

Look I'm just asking questions over here, spit-balling, trying to bring people together, I make no statements regarding her motives or whatsoever. All I'm trying to do is apologize. I think that's quite clear. 

She also thinks Blaze isn't sick and that we're too sensitive.

But she did like the beard!! Perhaps her own form of olive branch. So I can't be too bothered. I have precious few people with me in the beard corner of the ring, with Jeannette surrounded by fans and friends in her corner. I fear the facial hair may be in danger, her camp is getting quite strong. No doubt, as we speak, they are filling my side of the bed back home with ticks. How long can one hold out under such circumstances?? 

She was also great with Blaze. He hit on her tirelessly all day, making eyes at her like a mid-pubescent boy sitting in the back of a math class ogling the hot new student teacher. I don't have the heart to tell him she has a boyfriend and seems quite happy with him. He's combing his hair in front of his mirror as we speak. Somehow got it in his head that she's returning for a date tonight. No wonder he refuses to go to bed. He's got the vapours for a french girl. 

I can totally relate. 

I speak now of Jeannette.. just so we're clear.
I know some of you read this blog with a red pen in your hand! 


p.s. Love you Andree!