The moment of truth quickly approaches dear friends, loyal readers and inquisitive first time visitors; this lengthy and hard fought memory journey I've been on the past two years is nearly ready to be tested. I've got a slick pack of glossy, new black playing cards sitting next to the computer just waiting to be shuffled up and memorized. It'll be another couple of days I'm sure, before I'm quite ready to begin the practice phase but it'll be this trip for sure.

Oh sure, there are still lots of facets to workout, more theory to be hastily scribbled down on paper, crossed out, abandoned and reworked, then scribbled down again, but this nearly completed 'scafolding' as I like to call it - the most difficult part of the whole thing in my opinion, is nearly done.

The trick, as they say,  is almost at hand. And then things should really get interesting.

But enough about me, I know the real reason you're here, you're looking for updates on young master Blaze; the real main character of this blog I write, according to my cousin Jamie.

Sadly Blaze is struggling a bit right now, with this cold of his, that seems to be headed in the wrong direction. He's a chest-coughing, drool-sneezing, snot-nosed mess, if you want the accurate description -and yet still remains cute as a button; certainly a trait he picks up from me and not Jeannette. I don't know if you've ever seen me debilitatingly sick but I am quite stunning. I had samonella one summer just after high school, while working at the chicken processing plant in town, threw up constantly, lost 20lbs in two weeks... absolutely gorgeous.

As a result of his battle with the bacterial invaders attacking his new little system he's extra fussy tonight; though Jeannette has somehow managed to get him to sleep right next to me. I suppose he must be exhausted given the day he had, getting carted all over Ottawa with his mother and grandmother. It was bloody hot and muggy in this city today let me tell you. That's right, it wasn't all work and no play today for me, I did creep out into the sunlight for a bit of a walk. l figured I should probably enjoy the sun while I still can, given the fact Blaze is doing everything in his power to get us both sick as well. Perhaps a misguided share instinct developed over the course of evolution. Last night he coughed directly into my open mouth, from a distance of about an inch; which should have provided ample velocity for the sickness molecules to bypass my mouth completely and fuse directly to my throat. Doomed.

Jeannette got it even worse this morning in what looked like a calculated move from my point of view, watching it all go down as I did. It was early and we were still in bed, blearily hoping he might fall back to sleep but knowing by the way he was crawling back and forth between us that that clearly wasn't going to happen. Anyway, at one point, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he hauls off and Hulk slams Jeannette night in the face. Ah, but if only that was where it ended. Just as she opened her own mouth to cry out in surprise, he sneezed in it. 

That's worse than a cough my friends. Loads more goo. l'll take a full on coughing fit to the face, with my eyes stapled open, over a wet sneeze from a sick baby in the mouth any day of the week and six times on Sunday.

I'm hoping we manage to avoid getting sick ourselves, much as I wanna be there for my kid and all, but really what are the chances?

Kids, 'bags of bacteria' as I used to refer to them in a bit l did on stage. "But you know, precious gifts from above and all that."