Day 467: Arrival


Well we made it. I am currently writing this entry from the comfort of a king sized bed at Jeannette's sister's house, with Blaze passed out in a playpen next to us. It wasn't how I might have mapped out my first fathers day, if I had my druthers, but hey, every day we get on this earth is a blessing and since I was able to spend every moment of it with my family, that makes me quite fortunate indeed. Still, maybe five less hours in the car would have been preferable!

Long drive. I think it ended up being around 7 hours or so, of which I drove... all of it... while Jeannette and grand master Blaze chilled in the back seat, drifting intermittently between sleeping, whining and pooing. It rained a bit, we got cut off a couple of times -driving through Quebec, anyone surprised?- but otherwise it was a pretty uneventful trip: just me, alternating between five different positions so that my ass and legs didn't fall asleep, while blasting Foo Fighters through headphones to keep my eyes and head from falling asleep too; the much more important body parts to keep alert and awake whilst driving, I think you would agree. Towards the end of the drive I may have changed the music to angry techno, as even DG's sandpaper shrieks weren't enough to keep me going.

When even the music wasn't enough I just singed myself with the cigarette lighter.-. Well you get the point I'm sure: I was exhausted.

We didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Blaze was pretty fussy, the cough didn't help, and the room was somewhat cold. I hate that, waking up cold. The reason was likely because I didn't really have a blanket, Jeannette had taken it for her and the baby. She got the B&B woman, Norma, to bring us a cot when it became obvious that were we all to sleep together, none of us would. She then deftly transformed it into a bit of a floor nest for the two of them. One of us had to sleep, she'd said, so she took Blaze duty last night and gave me the bed. She's a trooper that one. But don't feel too badly for her, as I said, she did take the blanket!

When we got here I wordlessly unpacked the car then collapsed in this very same bed and slept for three hours. It wasn't a choice. I was donezo. The mule had done its duty, performed its function with efficiency, and, but for a few cranky moments here and there, good humor. As a result I immediately claimed my reward, slept hard, and woke up just as dinner was being put on the table proving beyond any doubt that just because I haven't been on a stage or in front of a camera for a white doesn't mean I've lost any of my timing!

Tomorrow I get a full day of intense, uninterrupted memory work, in a house I have all to myself. No doubt I'll do some reading as well -no vacation is legit without a good book in my humble opinion- as I've just begun reading the book that was given to all of the attendees of the funeral for Steve Jobs, a gift he himself chose as a final, parting gift to his friends and family. The Autobiography of a Yogi: by Paramahansa Yogananda. A good read so far. 

So that's it for me for today. It's now 12:15am and I'm going to begin taking full advantage of first this kickass bed and then, tomorrow, the gaggle of people who all want to pass Blaze around, thereby spreading thin the blazing little inferno so that his parents can have a moment or two to themselves.

Have a good night.