Day 466: Stupid Ferry!

Well we made it, sort of. We're now relaxing in our bed & breakfast after a long day on the road; and by 'relaxing' I mean trying to get Blaze settled down to sleep, which currently is not looking very promising. He did sleep the majority of the way here, a full 10 hours in the car, broken up by the usual lunch, pitstop and gas, so that is likely the culprit. He also has a bit of a cough that we're not too sure about, not to mention the fact he's in a strange place and is just in an overall state of discombobulation.

We had planned on taking the ferry this morning, in order to cut down on the actual drive time, but when we arrived at the terminal, at 7:45 this morning -after having gotten up at 5:30 and driven over on hour and a half, 30 min of which was through a fog so thick we needed a lighthouse strapped to the roof- We were told that as of yesterday the departure time had changed from 8am to 11:15.


So off we went, in the exact opposite way we'd come, my eyes getting heavy and my head lolling from a lack of sleep just as we made our way past our own exit for home, about 3 hours later. Grim, grim, grim. 

If this wasn't a textbook commercial for the now defunct AT&T "you should have called first" campaign I don't know what is.

Regardless of the debacle we made it here without too much trouble and are learning very quickly just how much more challenging it is doing a road trip with a kid. It's quite a thing. 

l only have 6 % power left on my phone and you can bet your ass I'm not going all the way back out to the car to get my charger, especially after I had to go gallavanting all over the North mountain last night until I found a non-dead zone so I could post last night's entry. l'm dedicated to this blog thing and all, but it's not like you're paying me! 

4% now, with an exclamation point where the battery icon is. Not looking good. 

Tomorrow we'll get up at 9, eat, and hit the road for the remaining 7 hours of driving -kill me now-. I'm just hoping we get SOME sleep. This cough of Blaze's is not getting any better and he'll be shoehorned in between us all night.

What are the chances we don't ALL wakeup sick tomorrow? 

Grim indeed. 

Nite munks.