Day 465: Internet Down

10:14. I'm writing this out on my phone right now, in the basement, waiting to take my cousin home; she's been here watching Blaze for the day, helping out Jeannette. Our internet is down... AGAIN, so I wanted to get this thing done before I take her home so I can rip down the mountain in order to find some cell service so I can post it.

This is where we are on the mountain at this point, technologically speaking. Grim, grim, grim. 

I'm not even sure my post from yesterday got posted, so I'll also have to remember to check that while I'm at it. Wouldn't be the first time I had blog obstacles that delayed the publishing of an entry. I'm just surprised it doesn't happen more often. 

So we leave for Ottawa tomorrow. It'll be an hour and a half drive to the ferry, followed by a 3 hour ferry ride and about a ten hour drive after that. We're hoping Blaze doesn't mind his first road trip too much, but we're leaving the option on the table to stop somewhere tomorrow night in order to break up that third leg. 

I had the tints on the windows of the pilot taken off today. Not sure if I mentioned that before, about the gangster tinting that came with the pilot when we bought it. Evidently the previous owner had added another layer of tint to the factory tint that already came with it, which makes you wonder what the hell my car has been used for !!; some kind of mobile porn studio perhaps, or a mini-meth lab of some kind. Who can say?

Not good thoughts to entertain the day before a long road trip... in the heat! 

It was a bit of a gong show actually. First of all, I took the car in an hour early. The apt was for Ipm and there I stood at noon, in the rain, like an idiot. Also, the shop had no where to sit and wait, no waiting room at all, just pure workspace. I'd brought my laptop to do some work but it wasn't looking so good at that point. The guy was cool about it and gave me a ride down the road to a corner store/diner where I hung out until it was ready. Problem with that was I didn't get cell service there either... honestly! Is this Nova Scotia or the Bermuda Triangle? As a result I missed his call when he finished and was just sitting there drinking coffee, eyeing a slice of pizza from afar when he suddenly showed up -Kyle, originally from Labrador- after only about on hour or so.

It cost me $110 to get the back windshield done -which had been the plan- as well as the four other back windows, which I told him to go ahead and do once he told me the job was an easy one and wouldn't take long. I'd considered calling Jeannette to double check with her, but figured she hated the tint so much we may as well just go ahead and strip it all off.

Anyway, as a result we can go ahead and add to that cost however much she had to then spend at Walmart to purchase two sunblocking visors for the back windows for Blaze.


Never even occurred to me. This just goes to show I should never make decisions like that on my own!

After I paid for the tint removal I got out to the car and it wouldn't start, I guess they'd left it on in order to manipulate the windows, which in turn drained the battery. After a rather lengthy jump start -in the rain- I was on my way.

I got home and but for a few things I had to do in order to check off Jeannette's pre trip to do list, I worked the rest of the day. 

That's it for me kids. I now have to embark on my long, dark, mountain sojourn in order to find a network connection. 

And yet I still don't miss city life at all. Not a single one of them.