Day 464: Pay The Writer


I'm wriling this entry in the car, in a Walmart parking lot, next to a restless Hubble and a spaced out Blaze still attached to the back seat. He was asleep when we pulled up, otherwise Jeannette was going to take him in with her. Instead she quietly shut the door behind her as she exited the vehicle., immediately waking him up. I managed to Cirque-du-Soleil my right arm back behind the seat -and over the car seat- in order to shove his soother back into his mouth before he started shattering windshields, but it'll be touch and go till she gets back.

I should say I'm "starting" to write the entry, as I'll no doubt have to return to it later to finish up, even though I was hoping to get it done early so I could relax and enjoy the 4 Game of Thrones episodes we're going to my parents place to watch tonight. Sadly, it's looking like I'llhave to find some time to slip a bit of work in; perhaps somewhere between naked boobies and a particularly gruesome murder scene. 


As expected I didn't make it. Jeannette came back with her shopping cart full of goodies. It's now 6:08, the barbecue is fired up, my dad is gnawing on Blaze's belly, and Jeannette and my mom are discussing the goings on in our neighbourhood, up on the North mountain. It's a 3-way Hatfield's & McCoy situation up there. That tends to happen in an area where the person in charge has burned more than a few bridges with the people around him, and those people show no signs of backing down. NO gunshots or anything yet, probably won't get to that point, but the chainsaws are flying, trees are coming down and by the time all is said and done we'll have a new path to the beach, right across from our house, not to mention a new driveway, to a house that wasjust built, that already has a driveway. It's a bit of a debacle.

l got a bit of work done today, shoehorned in between an early dentist appointment and our current location, but not a lot. No matter, by the time we get to Ottawa I'll have nothing to do but work, and have been promised just that by Jeannette, who will be busy carting Blaze around town with family. 

It's good timing, as I'm almost done my lists and can start locking in all my images while I'm there. I recognize that means nothing to you, but after two years of doing and thinking about little else,.. I'm pretty excited. I'd been thinking about perhaps shooting a couple scenes for the show while we're there, but Randal is going to be in Mexico and more importantly , I didn't write anything. Always an important thing to do first.

Speaking of which, I had an old business associate reach out to me the other day about a script and two sketchs I'd written a while back. He wanted to use them for a new upstart internet network. The offer, such as it was, was this: We want to shoot them and give you no money whatsoever. 

Hmmm. The reasoning was because they want to spend all their money on talent and production. Becausewriting requires no talent whatsoever. This is one of the reasons I left the business, broken system that it is. NO respect for the writing. I took no offense from my friend, who is just doing their job, as it currently stands, but respectfully passed. 

Besides,it's no longer the focus. The memory work my friends, at least until its been mastered, will be what I dedicate my time to. I need no one else to pursue it and nothing at all but discipline, time and imagination.  Two of which I have in droves, and one I'll soon have much more of indeed... at least till the next one comes.

There! Done! Game of Thrones, here I come. Nite Munks.