Day 459: Best of Both Worlds


I sort of got both things I asked for today. It did rain today, quite a bit by the look of it when I woke up this morning at around 6:30 to a shrieking Blaze, and I also got work done on the yard.

First, Jeannette did dear old me a solid this morning and went in and picked him up and took care of him so I could sleep a bit more, fairly convinced as we both were that it was going to be too wet to work for James, my wood guy. After she sorted him out and went back to bed we all ended up sleeping till about ten, which was just the amount of unconsciousness I was looking for. Then, while we were eating a late breakfast at around 11, the skies parted and suddenly James appeared in my driveway atop his shimmering, orange, Japanese tractor, ready to go. 

This perhaps foreshadows an early issue he had with the tree dragging, as it didn't take long for that tractor of his to get seized up in about three feet of mud. It tore up the grass by the driveway something awful, though he had warned me about this going in. Also, since we plan on sprucing the property up something fierce in the months and years to come, I'm hardly going to shed any tears about a little patch of grass next to my wood pile. You have to crack a few eggs if you want to make an omlette, if you know what I mean; or, in this case, crack a few trees if you want to make an outdoor place to make your omelettes... should that be something you want to do with your land; an outdoor omelette station. It's not for me, the more I think and write about it, seems a bit of a waste of resources, but it's your land, do whatever you want. 

I had to call around and try to find a truck full of rocks; something I've never had the pleasure of doing in my life before. I had no idea what to ask for, just blurted out what we're doing and the issue my wood guy was having. "What kind of tractor does he have?" asked the rocks guy.

"An orange one, with tires up to my elbow."

"I've never seen you." ...

"Just bring me some rocks." 

The conversation didn't go down like that at all but that's what I was feeling as it progressed. In the end it'll cost me $150 to bring a tandem truck load of 4 to 6 inch rocks to my house in order to fill the hole in the trail so we can step up this wood dragging business and be done with it. Seems a fine price, considering he could have said it was $20, 000 and I wouldn't have known the difference. "Yeah, these rocks are gold." "Oh... well, if it's all you've got..."

We now have a definite pile of wood in the yard, which will likely be added to next weekend, when my wood guy returns. I don't want you to confuse the two woodsman; James has the tractor and was here today, Claude is the french chainsaw wielder who appears randomly. Claude is likely not going to be back for a bit as he has no chainsaw to use, which makes felling trees a difficult proposition indeed. Not undoable, but given the amount of land I have, a task that would take months rather than weeks without the gas powered saw certainly.

Unless Claude has access to some trained beavers he neglected to mention I don't expect to see him any time soon; though I'd be happy if he showed up at some point. As to the beavers, it just occurred to me that he could have been talking about them the whole time; how the hell should I know, I don't speak french? 

So James dragged my trees into my driveway today, while Jeannette took the kid out to my parents place and I stayed home and worked. I got a lot of work done I'm happy to report, and am certainly narrowing in on something workable. The 20 digit random number I created to showcase my system to my mother and Jeannette the other day is still firmly planted in my head, without any trouble; not a bad trick when you're aware of your usual weaknesses with such tasks. Now that I've got my list of actors... well, no need to get into it yet. As I said... I need to perfect the trick first. Then, no doubt, I'll be talking about it a lot. 

My nephew was in the world cup today, I don't know if you saw him or not. He ran out escorting one of the players in the Columbia vs France game. I didn't see it because of a mix up with the TV, and even my dad, I'm told, failed to tape the proper game in his afternoon appearance, but did get the one in the evening. Regrettable as it would have been cool to see live but thanks to science I'll at least be able to check that out when I drop off Blazer tomorrow for the day.

My nephew and my sister and brother in law went up today for the games and were forced to come all the way back tonight due to the fact there isn't a spare bed in any hotel in or around the areas where the games are being played. My sister and nephew had a room, as prior to his selection for the escort she was heading up to take in the games with her soccer group. Anyway.. yada, yada, yada, my nephew is now very much more famous than his uncle, his face having been seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world today. 

Other than that it was a pretty quiet and productive day at the ranch. Tomorrow I'll be digging into work the whole day, having spent my Sunday-off at the camp grounds yesterday, and look forward to continuing the forced organization of my mind and life. Jeannette called me out on being a bit of a dirt monger the last little while; called us both out on it actually. Now that Blaze is sleeping in his own room (currently like a baby!) and we're getting things back on track a little, we've got to step up our game when it comes to keeping the house tidy.

It's an uphill battle on a daily basis this thing called life. If you let your guard down at any moment you can look in the mirror and suddenly discover you're 15 pounds too heavy with a basement full of spiders and an office nothing good will be coming out of any time soon if it doesn't get a bit of a dusting. No matter. That's the beauty of life, you get to start a new one every single day.

Every moment if you're extra mindful, which is very difficult indeed, unless your name is tough for westerners to pronounce and you wear flowing robes and sandals comfortably and often. 

Have a good Sunday munks

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