Day 456: Sleep Baby


Any entry prior to noon hour is a victory; let's just say that right off the bat. What takes away from the victory -or perhaps adds to it, depending on your perspective- is the fact that I also just got out of bed. That's right, it's 11:50am and I slept pretty much the whole time until now. Gloriousness! Jeannette had to get up early this morning to go get her sugary diabetes test done again. Poor Jeannette! Turns out most of the things she'd eaten before the first test were items you most certainly shouldn't be devouring; despite the fact we've been told it doesn't matter what you eat... hmmm. Anyway, she's annoyed, and now concerned, and also had to go through what was far worse than the first test, which is the second test; three needles, each one an hour apart. As a result of this she was a little stressed last night, and wasn't sleeping well, which in turn I think, caused Blaze to sleep poorly. 

I got the call around midnight last night. She came downstairs and was both annoyed and worried, asking me to come and take him so she could sleep. Understandable. Since I have nothing to get up for today, it would only make sense for me to get him. So I did. And what a little shit he was. I brought him down in the basement and tried feeding him, and he did eat, but unlike his usual MO he didn't go back to sleep. He'd drift for a second then suddenly flip out again. I tried everything. I tried to keep him from going upstairs because I didn't want him to wake her up; I'd even planned on just sleeping with him down here, but that got thrown out the window when he just wouldn't have it. 

He's getting his teeth now so it could have had something to do with that as well. He's ripping at his ears, which I'm told is another indication of teeth problems, or perhaps just a nonverbal protest about how much they stick out, hard to say. I couldn't find the Tylenol, his food ran out and I had to carry him upstairs to grab another box... look, without getting into more details of the play by play it's safe to say that it was a bit of a debacle. I finally got him semi-settled and we went back up to bed, all sleeping together in the baby room. They woke up around 6:30am, I helped Jeannette get him set up in his car seat and then put him in the car and off they went. Which was a perfect time for me to go back to sleep and wait for Hubble's head to pop off when my woodsman arrived an hour and a half later.

When he never showed up, I was able to SLEEP BABY!

It was great. 

Blaze got dropped off with my mom this morning, instead of going with Jeannette to her appointment. No reason he should have to sit through the sugar drink as well. He'll be there the rest of the day. Jeannette is on her way back soon so my plan is to start to get things done before she does so that I can get into work and get some real work done before Blaze gets back. Thankfully, I got a bunch of yard stuff done yesterday; as much of the lawn as I was able to mow what with all the tress cut down laying across my lawn, so I can just focus on the memory. 

Okay, I've just hit a moment where I'm bored with my own entry. I could easily just fill the rest of it full of some more drivel about trees, and grass and work, or I can just put this down and come back to it once I have something a little more interesting to say..

Hmmmm, but if I do that then I have to come back to it at some point later today and the whole act of getting it written prior to noon (which is no longer is by the way; it's now 12:12) is rendered moot. What would be the point of that? The greatest part of writing the blog earlier is that it frees me up to just do whatever I want to do the rest of the day; to let the creativity fly as they say, rather than have this abominable thing hanging over my head. So no, I won't bail on the entry and get back to it.

I won't do it also because I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea that I'll have anything better to write about later! Truth! When Blaze isn't around, unless I have a run-in with another tick, which is entirely possible I should admit, especially given the fact I have yet to take Hubble out on a walk, then what of interest is there to talk about??

A terrible state of things, when the lack of an 8 month old leaves you with nothing to talk about. This is what life is now. I'm an empty husk! 

What a dark turn this entry has taken. Perhaps I should have shut it down earlier and gotten back to it later. Shit, that option was just a couple of paragraphs ago. And yet now I suppose I've at least written enough to call this an entry and not have to worry about it the rest of the day, other than the worry that I've gone and wasted the time of everyone who's checked in today! But hey, what's one bad entry in 456?? 

If only it was the only bad entry...

In the interests of making sure everyone reading this is on the same page with my intentions, please know I don't actually buy into any of the things I've just said about being a husk, or having nothing to say, or even that this was a terrible entry. I'm just spitballing aloud, throwing words on the page for the purposes of being provocative, and had no intention of being taken seriously. Another issue I'll mention is that I've written this whole thing while watching Charlie Rose. I think watching TV, even peripherally, while writing this, can lead me to drift... which I'm again doing now. 

It's 12:33. You guys are on your own for the rest of the day. 

Have a good one!