Day 454: If A Tree Falls in my Yard...


If you're a tree in my yard it's been a rough couple of weeks for you. Today was especially bad, as you went down in high volume, felled by the chainsawing prowess of a french woodsman who's using my cousins chainsaw... a saw he needs back... which means if you are in fact a tree in my yard, then perhaps things are looking up for you after all.

My backyard looks completely different. To be more specific, it's starting to look like an actual back yard, instead of an overgrown forrest of dry, dead, rotten things, from which clouds of potentially infected black flies and mosquitoes emerge to prey upon any hot blooded bipeds that happen to stroll through their territory. Not to mention the ticks... my god, the ticks.  

But this is not for long insectoids. Soon the trees will be down and dragged across the ground to be stacked near what's left of my wood pile in the driveway. They will be cut and split and piled up in a shelter much better than my hastily thrown together tarp last year -an enclosure that pretty much blew all to hell later that very same night- to be used this winter when no doubt it will be another cold, white armageddon. It's going to be a lot of wood... no doubt more than I would use for a few winters, so we'll perhaps look to sell some of it, though I've heard that's not the easiest proposition around here of late. No matter, I had no plans for the wood itself, just wanted to clean up the yard, so even if I get some good firewood out of it I'll be happy. 

I got some work done today, though my workday got chopped into a little when my aforementioned french woodsman informed me that the chain for the chainsaw was on the verge of snapping so it would be wise to get a new one; especially considering he's being paid by the hour, so if it in fact did snap, he'd be sitting around until l got him another one anyway. So we left early with Blaze and picked one up in Kingston. 

It was pretty funny actually, when I went in the store to pick it up one of the employees walked past me and said, "How's it going, red?" I've never been called 'red' in my entire life though I knew immediately what he was talking about. My beard, such as it is, when it comes in, is quite red. I think it's the Scottish/Irish background. In fact, I have no doubt it is. Oh, there's a bit of white in there as well, but it'll be a good few years before I walk into any store and get called "whitey". 

It wasn't a huge issue, getting the work interrupted, although I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to yesterday at my parents place. We had planned on staying for just a bit, to say hello, and then take off for home where I'd dig into the memory work -after being on call all Saturday- but ended up getting into a spiralling conversation which ended up keeping us there for pretty much the whole afternoon. I did try to explain some of what I'm up to to my father, which I suppose could be construed as work, as it forces me to try to explain the principles involved, but it's still a long way off from me being at a point of teaching anything. I still have to learn to do the trick. 

Today was pretty relaxing otherwise. About an hour after we got back with the new chain, a completely unrelated part of the chainsaw busted and the work day, for my frenchman, came to an end. He told me he would get a part on his way home and fix it himself, which would cut down on the cost of fixing it. I said it sounded good, that I'd pay for half -which is what I thought he was trying to get at.. but the language barrier may have hampered us... and off he went. Now that I think about it I suppose I would pay for 100% of the part, given the fact he's doing the work for me.. and it's my cousin's saw on loan. Which is fine. No issue with that. Still much cheaper than buying an entire saw myself. 

We watched a couple more Lie To Me episodes after dinner tonight and I can now see how perhaps the hook could get a bit old. There's only so many times you can see someone point out a facial expression and tell you what it means before you learn to look for them yourself and start to pick out the liars. After about two episodes Jeannette was already spotting the bad guy and putting it all together. We're still going to tuck into the series however, the science itself is still fascinating, even if the actual plot lines could get a bit stale. That's the risk you run in pounding through any show I think. It starts to get a bit monotonous. That's what happened with Scandal. That show just rang of soap opera to me. 

Tomorrow will likely be more of the same. I'm not sure, as I said, if I'll have anyone here cutting, or if I'll have to put the work on hold for a bit while my cousin sorts out the trees he has to cut down, but it's really no matter either way. I'm in no rush to do any of this work. It'll get done when it gets done. About the only thing I'm in a hurry to get done is the memory work. It's hard to not want to get it done, considering the fact that when it is I can actually start branching out and doing some things again. Writing being first and foremost among them, as well as being able to take Jeannette and Blaze out on road trips more. That's the fun part about developing this system, you need a LOT of locations to store all the images you need to remember for all the associated information. It also happens to be my weakest link, as I rarely paid attention to very many of the locations I'm in, much more focused as I've always been on the people I'm dealing with than anything else around me. 

Since it's such a key element of the system, I want to get out and start locking in locations, using the image placeholders I've created in order to anchor locations, images that won't get in the way when later on I want to insert something into that location. If this sounds a little strange that's because it is. It's very strange, at first, but once you see it work, and wrap your head around what it entails and further, what it could mean, it becomes almost obvious. Ingenious. That's the Dominic O'Brien system; which was a big help in kick starting me again a couple months ago. Now that I'm re-invigorated I'm once again off to the races. 

Well, having an 8 month old to chase around all day does make it a rather slow race, a lot of false starts throughout the day, as one might expect, but I'm sure I'll have LOADS more time to work on it once the second one comes...

...oh dear god what have we done???