Day 452: Tick Wars

Stylus entry today, so this will likely be a shorter one than usual... you're welcome. I've been on the clock all day, beginning at around 9:10am when Blaze got up and we decided to take him to the Harbourville farm market. l was already awake by then, having been roused to my senses by a five bell sensory alarm, alerting me to a breach of my perimeter. Once again I was able to wakeup, reach down below the covers and snatch the tick off the back of my right knee.

The sons of bitches! 

First my cheek (last year), then my crotch a couple weeks ago, and now that oh so sensitive piece of skin behind my knee cap. Coincidence that all three of those areas are considered erogenous zones?? One wonders! What the hell are these perverted parasites actually up to??

And this was after I'd already checked the bed last night!... okay, maybe it wasn't a thorough check, but shit man, you read the blog last night; I was in rough shape!

Nevertheless, it was a good reminder of two important points; 1) I need to be more diligent when checking the bed !! Okay, that point is pretty obvious. And 2) these ticks will never penetrate me! Dead asleep! Twice! And still the organism was able to deal with the vampirish little bastard quickly and effectively, without me even being fully awake.

So suck it, ticks!

Actually don't suck it, I suppose, is what we're going for here. But you know what I mean.

l will admit to a partial victory for the ticks, despite their lack of success with regard to pilfering my actual blood, and that's the fact they certainly have managed to give me the heebee-geebees... if not lime disease. I'm constantly checking even the slightest sensations to make sure nothing is crawling on me. Oh, I'll strip down at the drop of a hat, which is probably a good thing that we live so far out in the woods, and don't often eat out. I really have no shame these days; dressing up like a hot nurse for the TV will do that. Funny that, the fact I constantly feel them on me, since I am always immediately certain whenever one is actually on me. I should trust the organism more. That's the lesson there.

Of course it's always just when you do that, let your guard down, even for a second, that's when they get you. You get up from the computer, go to the bathroom, and find one attached to your face, embedded and engorged right between your eyebrows, sucking all the wisdom out of your third eye; run Bran!

Sorry, got carried away there for a second... also clearly suffering from a Game of Thrones withdraw! We'll be three behind after tomorrow. Grim! 

I'll wrap this up now as my family will be here momentarily for the big taco feast. Jeannette just tried to make rice krispie squares. She's never made them before. Freelanced it. Just showed them to me... They look... questionable! 

Have a good one guys.