Day 451: The Hound

I'm an idiot. I've gone and done it again, waiting until it's late, and I'm tired, with a head full of ache, to write out this stupid blog for the 451st time in a row. I was going to write it out earlier, had sat down to type it out this afternoon, but just didn't feel like doing it. "What's another late night entry?" I asked myself then, knowing damn well that by the time I got around to writing it, I would feel about 80% less like doing it then. Which is now. 


It was a pretty chill day as far as that goes. Jeannette took the truck in to get safetied, only to find out that there was a miscommunication and they thought we just wanted it checked out. Turns out we need new brake pads, which is fine, and also something I thought was going to just get sorted out while they had it today. Nope. We have to take it back in next week. So the only thing different about the car after getting it back today is that we found out it needs new brake pads. Hmmm. Thanks. 

While she did that, and waited with Blaze at my parent's place for the vehicle to get done, just down the street from the service station, I kept pounding out the memory work. I hesitate to say that I'm actually getting pretty close on having constructed my very own system. Of course I'll have to learn it and then take it out in real world situations and see if it works at all, but given all the work and research I've put into this, as well as my own gut instinct, I'm reasonably confident that I'll get pretty good results with it.

That is, of course, just me trying to sound as humble as possible, when in reality I'm pretty sure I'll be able to remember whatever I want, for as long as I want, after all is said and done. Of course practice makes perfect, as with anything, so the proof will be in the long term results. 

The only thing I'll have to decide once I'm done is if I want to enter any competitions or not. You know, throw myself up against others who have locked themselves away in order to learn this strange and mystical technique that NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW ABOUT!

It was a gorgeous day on the mountain today and I did get out for a couple of walks with Hubble. In fact yesterday evening Jeannette wasn't feeling very well so I thought perhaps some fresh air might do her good, so I took her and Blaze on the route Hubble and I have been walking of late -in our attempt to avoid 'tick alley', which takes us down parallel to the water all the way to the end of the road. Well when we got there the neighbours who are renovating their place into a bed and breakfast were out and about so Jeannette finally got to meet them, and we got a guided tour of their place. 

I will say this, if any of you have any plans on coming to visit me any time soon -and honestly, you should let me know first!- you would do yourself a favour to stay at their place. They've done a fantastic job with it and are very gracious hosts as well. I offered a straight up trade for our place, the three flights of stairs looking a little less glamorous now that we have to run up and down them with a 20 pound baby in our arms every five minutes. They laughed. ...I was serious.

There was one little incident while we were there, that I missed while I was still outside with one of my neighbours. They have a big beautiful Husky, that I believe I've mentioned before. He and Hubble have been introduced already when they went for a walk one day up the road by our place and their dog came sauntering onto my property prancing around taking a good long, slow look and smell of everything, with Hubble jumping and nipping and barking at his heels the whole time. Didn't seem to bother him then at all, as he took Hubble in stride; which is very difficult to do. He can be pretty annoying. 

Turns out the husky is a bit territorial about his toys however, and after my neighbour Pam had picked all of them up inside, while showing Jeannette and Blaze around, I guess they all heard a bit of a ruckass going on in the other room and went out to find the Husky with Hubble in his mouth, proceeding to throat slam him onto the floor a good four or five times. Jeannette saw the whole thing go down, and was a little shaken up -as you would expect- as did Blaze who apparently got pretty upset himself, at both the visual of his best friend getting tossed around like a cabbage patch kid in a tantrum, as well as by those painfully distressed whimpers dogs make when things go awry and they find themselves in a precarious position. There are few more precarious positions I would think, than being in the jaws of a much larger animal, so yes, poor Blaze reflected and amplified Hubble's concern. The issue had been a toy that had been hidden away, and found by Hubble, who innocently started to play with it. 

How was he to know that the Husky once had a shitty older brother who constantly took his toys away from him?? It was like he'd suddenly lit a match right near the face of Sandor Clegane from Game of Thrones; who's nickname, come to think of it, is "hound". Coincidence?? Probably. Pam did a great job of getting him to let Hubble go, and thankfully it seemed to be more of a stern warning then an intent to do serious damage, as Hubble was nearly unscathed afterwards, which certainly wouldn't have been the case had the much larger dog wanted it otherwise. 

Of course I didn't see or hear any of this, outside as I was, but when I got in and heard the details I checked him out pretty thoroughly and he seemed good. It was about twenty minutes later when I noticed the 'redness' above his right eye had started to get a little more red. Just a nick, not a gash or anything, more of a scrape, just over his eye and another one between them. A little blood that stopped quick and hasn't bothered him since. Lucky really, considering how big and googly his eyes are, and vulnerable. He was already back to barking at the Husky a few minutes later -having learned NOTHING, as is his custom- and seemed quite upset he wasn't allowed to go back at him -like he'd have done anything other than get throat slammed again! 

As I said, he was fine but for the minor abrasion, and we had a good rest of the visit with the neighbours, with plans to get together again sometime soon. We may leave Hubble home for the next little while perhaps, just to be safe. I'm sure the other dog would be fine with his toys put out of reach, but it's better to be safe than sorry in those instances, and it's too hard watching him the whole time when there's a giant ocean view and cold beer being dangled in front of my face. I mean I love him and all, but the view... my god the view. 

Tomorrow we have my family coming over for dinner tomorrow. Taco night on the mountain guys. My mother will also be coming by a little early to help us get the flower beds around our house all set up. This is new territory for Jeannette and I. Neither of us have green thumbs. But you know what they say... when in Rome. 

This was a disjointed entry but I'm staring at the screen through wobbly eyes right now. The Tylenol I took is helping. My head is just clear enough to go sleep. I will do my damnedest to get an early entry out tomorrow. As always, I make no promises. 

Nite munks