Day 446: Rain Rain and more Rain


It's a miserable day in the Annapolis Valley if you don't like the rain. I'm not one of those people so for me it's quite nice. Unfortunately, Jeannette is one of those people, so her negative attitude toward the weather ends up souring my pleasant one... which means, I suppose, that when it does rain it's a bit of a shit day for me too. No matter what kind of spin I try to put on it she just stares out the window and curses. Well you can imagine how bad it gets around here when we're buried in snow. In addition to the cursing about the weather I also hear things like, "why did we move from LA again??" or she'll just repeat what I'd said to her when we first discussed moving here. 

"Honestly, the winters aren't that bad." 

If we didn't have a kid and another one on the way she would have stabbed me to death in my sleep long ago for that one. As it stands however, I'm her only source of sustenance!! Muahahaha! I won't push the joke too far there, for a couple of reasons. One, I'm currently unemployed, so I'm not doing the best job of providing said sustenance just yet (though my confidence is high!) and 2) I am fully aware that if put to the test she could leave me in the dust and fully support herself, kids and all. She's a feisty one, and resourceful, I'll just leave it there -apologize to her in print- and move on. 

Currently Jeannette has taken Blaze out into the rain on a mission involving groceries, a trip to the liquor store for me, and a Walmart stop. She's got my cousin Amy in tow, our 16 year old baby sitter in training. As a result I have the house to myself, though all I'm doing with that new found freedom is sitting up in my office working. I know I'm supposed to take Sunday's off and all that, but that'll only kick in once I've cemented my memory techniques and can MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE!! Until then, I will use any spare time to continue to pound away at my own brain, beating it into submission incessantly while I try to create my own version of a memory strategy based on a pre-existing one created by a world champion. Yada, yada, yada, it's a lot of work. And until you can pull it off, to anyone who happens to glance over your shoulder at your work -or watch you sitting in the yard staring off into nothingness- it seems like a lot of voodoo. 

Nevertheless, it is the ship I have decided to go down with.. or sail off triumphantly into the sunset. We'll see which of those story endings pans out. 

We also go to go see a certain property today. I'd mentioned this a few days ago, as the tentative plan I've concocted. Well, today it became a bit more real as we went to see a place for sale that I have in mind for the grand master plan, though I'm a little ways off being able to fully put said plan into motion.

Wait, that's not true, I'm already putting the plan into motion, with pretty much everything I do when not changing diapers or chilling with Jeannette. I simply mean to say that at this early juncture in the life span of the plan, I have no desire to get into details with y'all, as it hasn't had the rough edges smoothed out yet. It's not ready for public consumption is what I'm saying, this plan, not yet. Though I've told several family members about it, some friends, and at least to my knowledge, none of them think I'm entirely off my rocker. In fact most seem to think it's a pretty good idea, if rather grand in scope. But I'm only 38. My grandfather is 94 and still kicking it hardcore. So the way I see it, I've got a long life to pull it off. 

Of course it helps when you've already gone off and done some shit that has proven you're not a crazy person and further, that you might know a little bit about what you're talking about. Though no one actually watched the sitcom I was on, the fact remains I was on one, for two whole seasons, and now have a very legitimate calling card to prop up when I start going around trying to get people to join me on this little journey. 

In other news, Jeannette saw the new reality of Blaze's unwillingness to do as he's bid about ten minutes ago. She tried to change his diaper with Amy before going out, but when she strapped him to the table he pulled the stretch and twist move he was doing with me yesterday and she had to call me in to assist.

I'll admit to being a little pleased with the whole thing, though this new strategy of his is maddening as well as difficult to deal with. You see, I was hoping it wasn't just me. I'll admit to being a little worried that perhaps it was some failing on my part yesterday that led to the inevitable debacle, but as it turns out I was merely the first one of us to witness the full spectrum of his new penchant for rebellion. We got him changed and sorted out of course, determined as he is he is still no match for the both of us at once, and will no doubt continue to do so in the future, it's just we're in for a new reality and one that doesn't bode well for doing anything 'quickly' with him anymore. Now we'll have to wait until he can talk so that we can start reasoning with him to get him to chill out and let us do what needs to be done.

Reason, or you know, threaten. 

The strategy will no doubt depend on the weather outside. If it's raining like it is right now, Jeannette will probably be in a much less patient mood and much less likely to appeal to his reason. God help him if he gives her shit while we're in a snow storm. She'll probably just stand next to him holding Hubble in one hand and a knife in the other. Grim. 

Have a good day munks.