Day 444: Organizing the Machine


I'm a whirling dervish of organizational activity today. It's 1:23pm and so far I've written out all my todo lists according to project, and am nearly ready to print them off and staple them to my face; or the wall, depending on how I feel when I put them up. It's the only way to do it, I think, to put lists in easy view so that you are always aware of what has to be done. Far better than my current system of mentally juggling the onslaught of things to do, getting lost in the tangled web of misplaced neurons in my head, and then feeling overwhelmed. 

Oh, I still feel slightly overwhelmed looking at all the things I have to do of course, but at least now I can just pick whatever I feel like doing on the day and working on it until I can put a sweet red line through the task on the wall... or my forehead. This is something I've tried to do before, making todo lists and all that, but typically I write them out on my computer and then never again look up the file. Honestly, my computer is another good reflection of the state of my brain; lots of really interesting things in there, half finished, barely started, fleshed out but abandoned, but in no particular order whatsoever. 

No, this is a top down proposition, this organizational framework thing. It has to come first in the mind, and only then will it start to manifest itself in your life, but not the other way around. You can buy all the apps you want, go to Staples and purchase all the day timers and calendars you can afford, and if you're not keeping things nice and tidy in your brain, with a regular practice of dusting, you're going to continue to spin your wheels and go nowhere... fast. That's why for me, Memory Work is the #1 thing on my grand ToDo list. That doesn't meant I won't now take snippets of time to bang out some of the other things on that list, but it does mean that for the foreseeable near future, the memory work will be the foremost project on my plate; as the other projects take shape slowly and gradually until I'm able to lock in a working mechanism that I'm satisfied with. 

That's the plan today, I should say, but I'm hoping that in the same way these early entries are becoming consistent, the organization will be something that'll stick. It's never been more important in my life to get a handle on all this. Especially now with a baby in the house, and another one on the way. I get pulled in so many directions, with no warning whatsoever, causing me to drop whatever I'm doing for anywhere from five minutes to five hours, so if I'm not firing on all cylinders, and those cylinders aren't properly dusted, I'm screwed. It's hard to imagine what life is going to be like four months from now, when baby #2 comes. If I'm able to get any work done at all I'll be lucky, which is why the balls need to be put into motion NOW!

Did I mention I took eleven ticks off Hubble yesterday? It's a new record, by a landslide, and has pretty much ruined our morning walk. We won't be taking that path until late into the summer, when the pesky parasites are gone. I literally thought we were going to be overwhelmed. He went in the grass to poo and when he came out, even with his hair ridiculously short, he was covered in them. It was nightmarish. Even today, when I took him in the other direction, down the path by the water, he got four of them on him. He's now up to 50. 50 TICKS! I'm at 13, Jeannette has had just the one, and so far, due to diligence and some fancy footwork by his parents, Blaze has a total of 0. All the other numbers can go into the stratosphere for all I care, but that last number has to stay at 0. Well, I suppose if the number of ticks on Jeannette shot up to the numbers we're seeing on Hubble, no doubt we'd be selling the house and letting Nova Scotia fade in the rearview mirror of our car as we got the hell out of dodge, but you know what I mean. 

My woodsman is here again today. There are a lot of trees down on my property now. My other woods guy called me last night and gave me the numbers of what he'd require to come up with his tractor and help out. He's a reasonable guy, and the price is good, so I'll call him back tonight and see when he can get up here. It'll be great to have everything cleared away, though it will take some time to then get it all ready for what I have in mind. We're thinking we'll wait until next summer before we get the property excavated and all that; it'll likely be next year as well that we'll start work on the in-law sweet, though that will also depend a lot on how quickly my parents are able to get what they need to get done at their place, so they can list it and sell. Hard to know when all these things will happen, but as long as we're doing what needs to be done day to day I suppose that'll all take care of itself. 

Which means I should probably make another list to add to my wall: House & Yard Project. 

Shit man, if this keeps up I'm pretty much just going to be wallpapering my new office with ToDo lists. Yeah, no chance of feeling overwhelmed in that scenario, walking into an office every morning where every square inch is covered by something you have to get done. 

I'm doomed.