Day 443: Road Trip


We've decided not to sell the house, the dog, all our stuff, and buy a camper. Turns out, it was just a flight of fancy brought about by lack of sleep and a pattern of abandoning that which is proving difficult. Also, the sound of a chainsaw at 7:30am can really mess with your mind and cause you to think like a crazy person. Having said that however, we did decide on a new plan. 

It was Jeannette's idea. She woke up yesterday and mentioned that perhaps a trip to Ottawa to see her family would be a good idea. She listed off two factors for this; 1) When she has the baby we won't be going anywhere, and 2) with the third trimester quickly approaching she'll be too uncomfortable to do much. She also misses her family. I was fine with idea as soon as she said it actually, and didn't really need any of her reasons. I'm pretty much up for a road trip whenever one presents itself, but this decision was a bit of a no-brainer. 

We'll be heading out the last week of June, which will put us in Ottawa for about 10 days, perhaps two weeks, with a plan on coming back sometime in July. My only caveat was that I needed to work while we're there, but the way we've arranged it, I'll have Jeannette's sisters house all to myself during the days while she takes Blaze out galavanting around Ottawa to visit with family and see people. It's a win, win situation if you ask me. She gets to see her family, and I get to bask in the glory of having multiple babysitters! I've also decided that it would be an optimum time to shoot some things, as we'll have her brother around; a professional camera man, and I'm just a hop skip and a jump away from Toronto, where one Randal Edwards lives. 

He's got a role on the show I'm creating, playing Jeannette's brother, and since I've already talked to him about it and he's completely down with the idea, I think this plan of attack might work out perfectly. Much more difficult for him to come here, planning a wedding as he is, but a trip to Ottawa -or vice versa- might be just doable enough to pull off. I hope so. I can shoot a couple of scenes with just Jeannette and I of course, as the show centres around us anyway, but I'd love to get Randal in there to play a part as well. I also really have to call him today to discuss some other things. That's more a reminder for me than it is a point of interest for you, but hey, full disclosure. Even the boring stuff. 

Our woodsman showed up today, sawed trees down for an hour and then left. It was raining. I figured he'd be a no-show anyway, as I lay in bed at 7:00am trying to listen for his arrival so I could get downstairs before he rang the bell and woke Hubble, which in turn, would cause Blaze's head to pop off. After Jeannette came into the bedroom and dropped the kid off on me at around 8:30, telling me she needed some more sleep and then promptly going back to bed, I decided to do another early morning coffee run, rather than sit on the couch and watch him playing in his exersaucer through bleary, un-caffeinated eyes. When I got him loaded in the car and opened the garage door, there was my frenchman getting his shit together for the day of work. I took his coffee order, and set out with the kid. 

By the time we got back it was raining and he was done. So I gave him his coffee, a bit of money, and bob's your uncle, he left. After that Jeannette and I spent the morning trying to get the house set up. It's a funny thing about a new house, even one you've been in for a year, it takes a while to get things just the way you want them. I wouldn't even say we're there yet, but it's much better than it was. We set up the basement, for instance, based on the idea that I would be having my office down there. Now that I'm not doing that, the way we have it set up isn't ideal, and I think I want to now take the TV off the wall and put it elsewhere. It's a job I'm not particularly excited about, and would love to have someone else come in and do it if possible, but we're not in any rush for a while. 

The other key is getting all Blaze's stuff sorted out and in a proper place. That takes some doing. Especially now since he's crawling around and much busier than he was when he had no control over any parts of his body. He seems pretty happy with the new arrangement, as does Jeannette, so hopefully we'll be able to keep things as they are for a while. 

I've put his play pen in my office as he hasn't been using it in the kitchen at all. We tried it, thinking he'd be able to chill out there while Jeannette cooked and went about her business, but he wasn't into it. I think it's because it's too small of an area and he starts to get irritated. So we put his new enclosure in the living room, which he totally digs, despite the fact it looks like a roofless cage, and transported the play pen upstairs. The goal with the playpen is to set it up all comfy like, in an attempt to simulate the comfort of the queen sized bed, and then when he goes down for his naps, putting him in it with the hope that he will get used to sleeping on his own. Jeannette needs the sleep too of course, pregnant as she is; as a matter of fact she just went down with him now for his afternoon nap, but it would be nice to have other sleeping options when she doesn't want to sleep, and has things to do. 

Who can say if it'll work out, but we're all about experimenting up here on the North Mountain. 

I have to say I'm really digging the early entries. I'm quite proud of myself for sticking to it even this long as it frees my nights up to work on other things. There's no pressure to get anything done and I don't have the looming deadline of writing this thing out hanging over me as I try to be creative while knowing I'm still 'on the clock'. The point of writing a daily blog that's pretty much about nothing, with no system set up to monetize anything, may escape most people but I have to say, the benefits are many and quite varied. I won't get into all those beneficial reasons today, as I've already reached the end of today's entry, but I'll say that the one thing it does is forces you to look at your day in a much different way.

You 'reflect' on the events in a manner that you might not do otherwise, if you just live it and then go to bed. It's much easier to get stuck in detrimental patterns that way I feel; whereas if you're dedicated to writing and publishing a piece every single day, any detrimental patterns, be they mental or behavioural, become much more apparent and thus, easier to deal with. 

At least that's the thinking so far, 443 days into this thing. Of course being a person who sets rather large goals for myself as I do, I do see this blog taking on a much more critical and interesting role in my life in the future. But for now, as I continue to weed the garden in my own head, tilling the grey matter landscape with the intention of planting some fast growing seeds very soon, it's enough to just check in with you guys once a day. If only to assure both of us that despite the rather tumultuous decisions I've made the past couple of years, quitting the business, moving to the middle of the woods and pumping out babies with a woman I've now known longer pregnant than not... I'm not, in fact, crazy!!

Have a great day munks.