Day 442: Yappy Dog For Sale


It's 10:30am and I'm already sitting down to write this bloody thing. That's a good sign, for sure, that I've turned a corner and will now be doing these consistently in the earlier part of the day. I'm sure you don't care much yourself, as who reads a blog entry at 10:30am? Surely most blogs are consumed in the pm hours, mine at least. For me however, this is a necessary -though difficult- transition, as there's just something about waiting until the last possible moment at night to sit down and try to type out something coherent and meaningful that makes the day a drag. No, no, the earlier the better. I just haven't been able to lock it in... until now... maybe. 

I've been up since 7:30am. That's when my french woodsman showed up and started knocking at the door. Hubble exploded and I ran downstairs to keep the dog from barking and waking up the kid. It's tough because I don't speak french and my guy doesn't speak English, and Jeannette isn't always around to translate so this morning I just nodded when he handed me an empty gas container, said something to me about the two chainsaws in my garage and then went out and got to work. Turns out he wants me to fill up the gas container for him, at some point when I'm out. I only know this because I switched places with Jeannette so that she could talk to him and see what exactly was required. 

It's a good thing I did as I had to then go out and properly mark off the line for our property so he doesn't cut down any trees that aren't ours. Evidently if you cut down a small one that isn't yours it's a $500 fine and if it's a big tree it's a $1500 fine. I had no idea. I knew it wasn't a good thing to be doing of course, chopping down trees that aren't yours, but until now I didn't know what the punishment was. I just assumed whatever Keebler elves lived inside the downed tree would jump out and start throwing cookies at you. What can I say, I didn't pay much attention in school and have gained very little practical experience or knowledge since then. 

Our guy asked Jeannette this morning if he could just park his trailer in our driveway and stay here until the job is done, rather than pay for the gas every time to drive down and work. Apparently he's paying $40 every time, which yes, is a bit excessive and bites into how much he's making. I don't think we're going to go with the trailer in the driveway idea however, for a few reasons, the main one being we can't keep this stupid dog quiet and with the baby constantly getting startled and screaming away, it would make for a rather long few days -or however long it'll take him to get the trees cut down.

He mentioned he may have another job as well, so we'll probably just let him go on to that one, as I have another guy that has come up and offered his services. Since this new guy is one of the plumbers I've already dealt with for the house, and he speaks English, and has a tractor and all the equipment, this might be a better fit anyway. But who knows, maybe my french chainsaw wielder will want to continue the job, in which case I'll have two guys out there working, and it'll get done faster. I don't know, we'll see how this plays out. 

Yesterday ended up being a pretty decent day, despite my mood when I sat down to write the entry. I didn't do much cleaning, instead managing to get a bit of work done before I shut it all down for the night, but it doesn't matter because my mom had to cancel on us today so we've got Blaze all day anyway. My plan had been to clean my office and the basement yesterday and then spend all day working, but that won't be happening now anyway. I think Jeannette is going to take the kid out for a bit after his nap, which leaves me the afternoon, unless my woodsman comes in with more questions, or concerns, or empty gas cans. 

As we were sitting down eating breakfast this morning I half-jokingly proposed we sell the house, buy a really nice camper, and then just live in that for the foreseeable future. We'd be off grid, independent, and free to come and go as we please -which to me, at this juncture of the morning, seems like a heavenly idea. Jeannette actually surprised me by saying, "Hey, if you do it I will." I'm trying hard not to take that as a gauntlet thrown down in front of me, as I have a terrible time ignoring thrown gauntlet's, challenges being a bit of a hobby of mine, but I have to say there's a certain romanticism around the idea. How much room do we need while the kids are small? Okay, I'm already starting to talk myself into the idea, which I don't think I'm prepared to fully get behind. I should really stop now. 

Today the plan is to reach out to some people in the hopes of getting connected with a producer or two located here in Nova Scotia. The trick about getting balls rolling, you see, is to get someone to help you push it. Then, once you've got it moving, you can leave the person to it -providing rolling your ball is something they want to do- while you go off and start more balls a' rolling. I've never been good at that you see, but at this point it's pretty much a necessity. So I'll be looking up some Nova Scotian producers, pitching them my idea, and hoping they'll get behind it. I haven't talked to my partner much in the last little while, so it would be nice to get something going that he and I can use to propel this idea forward. Always good to get more people involved anyway. Especially when those people know how things actually work. I'm a writer and a performer. I have big ideas. But I'm not the guy -yet- who knows how to get it all organized and flowing. For that, I'll need some help. 

I'm also going to sew up a nice little sweater for Hubble. It's going to be bright orange with thick black lettering that says, "dog for sale". Surely there are people out there who want a dog that barks at rabbits and doors and brings at least two ticks home with him whenever he walks back in the door. Perhaps I'll go on Kijiji and see if there's anyone willing to trade me a camper for him, straight up.