Day 440: I'm a Hero


Don't let the title mislead you, I don't actually believe that.

I'm merely trying to overwhelm myself with positive reinforcement in the hopes that it'll spur me to actually write these damnable entries as early as I can in the day. Which I am currently doing, at 12:24pm. Well, it was this or a nap. And since I didn't feel it entirely justifiable to lay down and sleep, while Jeannette is out galavanting with Blaze, picking up items that are much too large for her to carry, and a french woodsman is out chainsawing away on my property I thought doing a blog entry would be a good use of my time. I started to work but the ideas weren't coming, tired as I am, so this is the next best thing. 

I don't want to suggest that I don't take great pains to come up with something partially entertaining for y'all on a daily basis, because of course I do... :| ...but you know, it's different. This is a much more playful use of my time than the other stuff I'm up to. I want that to change mind you, and soon, as I hope to start doing more hands on creative stuff again, but for now, I need to continue the difficult task of taking a machete to the tangled growth accumulated in my own mind.. and body... and get my dog trained up. When I say Hubble I of course mean myself. My own dog. Me. 

So yes, today I'm a hero..despite the fact I'm sitting at my computer typing this out while wearing flannel pyjama pants that wouldn't be acceptable in most public places.. outside of Nova Scotia.. and a purple t-shirt that says Team Jay, that a once friend once gave me. You dig? Look, it's not the t-shirt's fault that relationship went southward, and the idea of a Team Jay always made me laugh. It's also from a bit of mine about my grandmother and a comparison between vaginas and Yoplait... I only just NOW realized. Jesus Murphy, I've had this t-shirt four years and I only put that together. I'm sure my once friend and his at the time girlfriend mentioned that it was related to that bit, but I was probably so self conscious about being given a shirt like this at all that it slipped by. 

Well fancy that. I like it even more. 

It also fits my progressively fattening frame quite snugly, but not uncomfortably. I don't yet feel like a particularly flaunty member of my former West Hollywood community, a community that was by far my favourite place to live in Southern California, but it's getting close. Hmmm.. studio city was quite nice as well, on Bluffside drive, behind the Ralphs, on the same street as the apartment complex that houses all the international dancers. Yes, that was a rather nice place to live as well, during my rather short tenure as a single man in Los Angeles, in a one bedroom apartment. Trust me, it's not as sassy as all that, I can assure you, and my experience with the dancers was a purely visual one, as I would go get a coffee at the Starbucks pretty much every day, taking the long way, near that oasis in the desert. 

My other experience was being introduced to a few of them by friends and then having to be reintroduced to the same person the next time as well.. and the next time... and the next time. I pray I never get to that level of distractedness that I can't remember people I've met a few times, within the span of a month. 

My woodsman arrived at 10:30. He chopped a tree down then his saw died. Well, that's not true, he didn't actually chop a tree down as the tree in question had already been taken down, by the wind, and was leaning against a couple of other trees, on the verge of making my driveway no longer a functioning driveway. I called my cousin, who I'm guessing hasn't read my blog yet, and asked if we could borrow his chainsaw. He said that wouldn't be a problem so I sent my woodsman over there to pick it up. He then asked if I'd won the lottery; a response to my text about viewing that property late last night. I said 'not exactly.' He then said, "rich friend," to which I replied... 'nope.' And that was it. I'm not sure he's setting it up or not, of if I'll have to call and tell him I'm serious, but we'll see. 

As my woodsman was setting up my cousins chainsaw my father showed up with his chainsaw. At current count we have four chainsaws out in the yard and only one man. Two of them are operational. If I can get up to any meaningful work when I'm done this entry, which I'm feeling more and more positive about as I type this out rather easily, then I'll leave him to it for today. He knows what he's doing this guy, quite obviously. He's worked in the woods for ten years. He treats his chainsaw like a samurai sword. He stroked it lovingly for a good minute this morning before he got started. Though that likely had more to do with the fact we don't speak each other's language. 

If however,  my brain provides me nothing of worth or value in the next couple of hours it might do me good to go outside and start wildly throwing a chainsaw around. 

That's how they work right? You just turn them on and throw them at the tree? 


note: our internet was down all day. So I'm not positing this till now. Too bad for yoU!