Day 437: Fogginess


We're heading to my parents place soon so I thought I'd get the entry in before we left. Savvy?

Blaze is currently kicking it old school in his basement exersaucer -yes, he has two- as we watch a documentary about Dock Ellis from the Pittsburgh Pirates, an LCD taking pitcher who pitched a no hitter once and won the world series. Not bad so far.

Jeannette is showering for the first time in a while. Not to worry, she has a naturally sweet smelling scent so a few days in the woods without getting in the shower isn't going to put anyone out. Though I'm being generous with "a few days." But hey, she's pregnant and taking care of an 8 month old and a 38 year old, so in my opinion she can do whatever she wants. 

Today I did a bit of work but mostly we've just been hanging out. It's raining outside and a little cold and grim looking so not a lot went down. We got up ass early again and I didn't get much sleep much last night so fatigue played a role in that as well. Shocking really, as I sit here trying to think of something to write, the lack of things we did today. I mean there were things that went down, the hours passed, our bodies did something moment to moment, but nothing I need to get into on the blog. We had a good chat this afternoon and as I said, I got a bit of work done.

Fast forward a few hours.

I didn't even get close to finishing the entry. Jeannette cleaned up a lot faster than I'd anticipated. She moves quickly for a woman with an engorged middle torso. We're now at my parents place, post barbecue, with bellies full of sweet meat and questionable, but delicious donuts watching some TV. l stared at my notebook for a while, asking the grey matter for something, anything, creative or insightful, and was given nothing for my troubles. Stupid brain!

Another good reason I need to get this done now. The fogginess will be much worse later. We'll probably take off soon. Blaze has finally run out of what is a nearly inexhaustible energy source and collapsed on my mom a moment ago, after a full day of acting like a savage. He was firing on all cylinders today. He even figured out how to snap the blinds in his room open, the little demon. He'll be sneaking out and stealing the motorcycle I haven't bought yet before we know it.

Tomorrow we're going to my cousins place for dinner in the evening and will once again attempt to get him to his swimming class in the ass-early am. It should be fun, or freezing, but we gotta get him back in the pool regardless.

We just finished watching Backstrom. I don't think I'm a fan.

That's it. I'm done for tonight. Sleep well monkeys.