Day 432 Stranger Danger!

Jeannette was a whirlwind today. She cleaned the whole house.. except the rooms I'm responsible for, which are the basement and my office; both of which are still in rough shape. Why? Because while she was kicking ass and taking names I was laying on the couch in the basement watching hockey like a punk.

Look, I'm more than aware that I didn't pull my weight today, but to be fair this is technically the day I take off for the week, and had only planned on working because of Jeannette's rather practical suggestion of going out and doing things yesterday, taking advantage of the nice weather, and then working today. We did take advantage of the weather yesterday, and it did rain all day today, but instead of getting any work done I pretty much did nothing. 

It's all good in the hood though, don't worry. She's understanding that one, if nothing else. And she knows I appreciate all her hard work, as she does mine. It's just that my work is somewhat less apparent than a spotless house and somewhat more difficult to display. 

Blaze was with his grandmother today and it looks like he's finally fallen under her spell as he was a little ridiculous when she brought him back tonight. He was strange with us! I went to take him from her and he screamed his head off. Then Jeannette grabbed him and he kept flipping out. It was only when we passed him over to my mom again that he calmed down. We tried enough variations of this pattern to pretty much confirm he was being a weirdo and only wanted grammy, despite my mothers assertion that he was just being freaked out because he woke up in the car and wailed the whole way over. 

My mother has a way with kids, certainly the ones in my family. This has been the way with all of the kids in my family, my nieces and nephews, they end up getting very attached to my mother. She's got the kavorka that one, from Seinfeld. She stayed for dinner with us and when she left he was reaching for her and crying. Jeannette had to distract her. 


Canada won the World Championships today. They blew out Russia 6-1 in a lopsided game. I watched it in pieces, fell asleep here and there, and just finished it a couple of minutes ago after putting the kids to sleep. I say 'kids' because I'm speaking of both of them, Blaze and the little one still attached to Jeannette. Unfortunately, Jeannette went down too, leaving me all by my lonesome here in the basement... that's not clean.. because I'm a lazy shit. We've abandoned our plan of cracking down on him, I suppose I haven't mentioned that yet. I left it up to Jeannette the other night, as I lay in bed with a shrieking Blaze, who was looking at me like we'd put him to bed with a dirty ape. 

It's Jeannette's assertion that it's pointless, at this point, to change up the routine, to cause a huge kerfuffle by trying to get him to sleep in the crib again, when in a few months we're going to have the house blown up by another baby. I don't know, it sounded reasonable and logical at the time, as Blaze was clawing at my face screaming for breasts I most certainly do not have. We are all sleeping, at least, using this night time strategy, though Jeannette's nights are fitful at best, and mine are spent with a tick infested dog sleeping inches from my face.

Truth be told I don't think it's going to hurt anyone to continue this pattern, other than my face, but hey man, we'll see. Perhaps its the WORST possible thing we could do and when the new baby comes Blaze's head will spin all the way around and he'll start shaking the bed and speaking in tongues. I have no idea, but my sense is that we're all going to survive and it'll eventually work itself out. The chance that we'll have a 20 year old Blaze still sleeping with his mom is highly unlikely. 

We live on the north mountain, not the Eyrie.
No moon doors or ten year old breast feeding whelps here. 

Tomorrow we have no big plans. No idea what the weather is going to be like but perhaps if it's nice we'll take the kid out for a walk or something. I suppose we'll have to watch him closely from now on whenever we're out anywhere, else he unclips from his seat and starts to crawl to my mothers house.