Day 431 Hulk Smash

Swimming was a bust today. Jeannette was determined to take the kid to his swim class come hell or high water, he'd missed the last four weeks after all, between being sick and having a crippled dad. Yes, we've been to a total of one of his first five classes. They're at 9 am on Saturdays. I don't know what we were thinking. Though when you don't have a job every day is pretty much the same so Saturday isn't all that special.

So we got up ass early, literally dragging ourselves out of bed and headed to the gym -actually Blaze was sleeping and probably didn't even know where we were going so he didn't care. We got there and it was closed for the long weekend. SUCH DISHONOR!

lt was a beautiful morning anyway, I guess.. if you're impressed by things like the sun, and when we got home I got to do some work, so it didn't really bother me either. Jeannette and Blaze slept.

She'd suggested before napping that I take my day off today, rather than tomorrow, because it was so nice and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. She further hinted at taking the kid in to see my grandfather and his companion; it's been quite a while since we've seen them, and then I could have the day tomorrow to work while Blaze is with his grandmother. Sounded good to me so I called to set it up while they were sleeping.

My grandfather wasn't feeling great when we got there; he had a migraine and is suffering from some persistent and annoying pain from a hernia he's been dealing with. He laid down for a bit but then started to feel better and came back in just in time to get stared at by Blaze. 

We ended up staying there for a couple hours and then headed home. He and Jeannette laid down again this evening and had a pretty good snooze until he up and punched her in the face. Just hauled off and clocked her a good one, suddenly and with no warning. Poor mommy. Blasted by a baby fist right in the eyeball, while doing nothing but staring adoringly at her beautiful bundle of cosmic joy.

That's the thing about a baby, you can never trust those hands or feet.