Day 429 "The Itsy Bitsy Snack"


The situation is grim. It's 8:14pm, I have 8% battery life left on my phone, and I have to get this entry done before I head up to bed with Blaze. At least, I think that's still the plan. It might be a good idea to start it tonight. I'm pretty tired, I think I could handle going to bed early tonight; not that I'll sleep. As I said, he's not going to be pleased with the new sleeping arrangements.

Jeannette took him out today for an errand run, leaving me home to work. I won't bore you with the details as it was really just more memory work. I've put everything else on an unofficial pause as I get this system locked in. It's the best time to do it, I suppose, as we're tucked nicely away out here in the woods, with the kid, each other and enough money to last a while. That's all I need right now, so it works out rather nicely. I'm still hell bent on my other pursuits, the writing and the filming and the production company, but in order to keep all that straight and do what I'm going to want to do I need to get organized first. Which is what I'm working on... every waking hour I'm not being a dad or a husband. (unofficially a husband I suppose, if you care what the courts say, which I don't)

The phone is at 3%... with an explanation mark. I'm never going to make it. 

Blaze ate snow crab tonight. In fact, that's all he would eat. He refuses to eat his own food when we're eating our food in front of him. Stubborn little bugger. The only way he would open his mouth is if Jeannette was offering up smushed up crab meat. What a weirdo! He also ate part of his book today; the Itsy Bitsy spider to be more precise. I don't think it has the same nutritional value as the crab meat, but he's his own man this one. Jeannette said he was sucking on something while she had him out at the mall... died! I had to go upstairs and get the computer, and the plug. Grim!

So Blaze ate part of his book, which Jeannette discovered about an hour after he was playing with it in his play pen, after she saw him sucking on something at the mall. He refused to open his mouth by all accounts so she had to really dig in there to get it. Who knows how much of it he sucked on and devoured, the little shit, but we're throwing what remains of the Itsy Bitsy Spider into the garbage tonight. He'd already snapped the book itself in half a few days ago but we thought maybe he might still enjoy the little finger puppet in the middle of it. Now we know; as soon as a toy or book is structurally compromised it must be done away with or he'll eat it. 

Live and learn. 

This is a great argument for any book burners out there looking to find reasons to take them away from children. "They'll eat them and choke!" you could yell, as you pile all the Itsy Bitsy Spiders up in the middle of town square and pull out your matches. I'm not sure how many people will support you but I'll be sure to put in a good word. It's not even the first book he's shredded like a little Wolverine. He has another book, a big, thick orange one about construction tools and trucks and all that. Yes, well he shredded the labels off that one as well. I'm not sure that he ate any of it but there's a significant pile of torn sticker on the floor between my bed and my night stand.

I just saw it when I was forced to go grab my computer. 

Tomorrow I have absolutely no idea what's going on. I just asked Jeannette but she's on her phone and doesn't seem to want to be bothered with helping me answer that question. Okay, as though sensing I was writing disparaging things about her on the blog she finally answered my question. The answer is nothing. My mother is coming over for dinner, but beyond that we'll be chilling out here and I'll be digging into more playing cards. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you really have to see the big picture! And to do that you should first read Moonwalking with Einstein. Seriously, google it. Even if you don't like it it's a great book. 

That's it for me guys. It's 9:05. Time to drag the creature up to bed. He's already passed out in Jeannette's arms. I give him five minutes in mine before he wakes up screaming. Wish me luck.