Day 428 "Age of Blaze"


Blaze was exported to his grandparents house today. My mother had him all day. We took him in at 10am and picked him up at 9pm. It was glorious. I mean look, I love my kid, he's the greatest, literally the greatest thing I've ever done, and I cherish the time I have with him and all that jazz, but shit man, it was good to have a day off. I didn't quite get a full day to get up to my own devices, as after we dropped the package off at the parents place we had to make a trip in to the bank to get everything sorted out.. in the financial realm. We had cheques to drop off, like fishermen, or oilmen -we were told by the banker lady- they go without making any money for long periods of time and then suddenly show up with a wad of cash.

Acting is a lot like fishing actually. It takes a lot of patience, you have to be cool with doing nothing for long periods of time, and then when the fish bites you have to know what you're doing and try to enjoy it while it lasts.. knowing that at ANY point during the process you can lose the fish. I don't know that there's much in common with oilmen, unless perhaps you compare the chunks of time away from home working on location. And maybe the fact that if you book or create something that gets popular it's a lot like striking oil. Ask anyone from Texas what that feels like. 

After the bank we wandered around Walmart while Jeannette shopped for a bunch of things.. in no particular order whatsoever. We were in the baby section a good ten minutes and then twenty minutes after that she had to go back to the baby section. My mind goes into a zombie like state in that place. I just push the cart around looking at all the stuff and people and stuff and have no particular interest in any of it. I was also tired and very eager to get home and get to work. 

It was foggy and cold for most of the day. The sun came out while I was outside working but it didn't heat up very much. There's still snow on the ground in some places. None around us but I saw some on Sunday in the city. Crazy. It's May 14th. Jeannette worked inside catching up on calls and getting other things done around the house. We made good use of the time without Blaze, and got plenty of updates and pictures from my mom throughout the day. 

I almost forgot to mention that he stood up on his own today. My mom put down a little barricade gated area in her living room so he and his cousin can sit down on the floor and play without getting whacked in the face by a dog tail. He'd been grabbing the gate for a while as we sat around chatting this morning. I went over and started encouraging him to reach out and grab the gate, which he did; I then started encouraging him to pull himself up, something he's been starting to do recently. Then suddenly he was on his feet. He's a wizard this one. I'll have to start walking him around now to get him going. He's like a wind up doll. 

We went to see the new Avengers movie tonight. I liked it. Whedon has balls, to be sure. These movies really are like stepping into a comic book. The action scenes are incredible. The visuals are great. Ultron himself didn't quite do it for me but A.I as a character was interesting, if a little lame that it had to be the evil "metal will rule the world" terminator type machine. Spader was a good choice for the voice I think. 

We're home now. It's 12:10am now and Blaze and Jeannette are in bed. We decided today to try to get back on track with him sleep wise, which means mommy will be replaced in the baby room with daddy who will be putting Blaze in his crib and sitting up with him the next few nights with the hope of getting him back to sleeping on his own. Mom said he was a little fussy today and wouldn't nap on his own. He'd sleep on her of course, but the second she put him down he cried. I attribute this to him sleeping with his mom every night. So it's time to make a change... as painful as that's going to be! It will force me to write this blog earlier in the day though.. I won't have time to in the night for a while if I'm going to be in the fox hole with him. 

Okay then, time to get my shit together!! Tomorrow, I will write an earlier entry! 

Nite munks |mp