Day 427 "Memorial Reception"


Blaze and Jeannette did not go with us to the funeral in the city today; though it was more a memorial service/reception than an actual funeral. Still, it would have been good to have her and the kid there, as I still have some family who haven't met either of them. Blaze didn't hold up his end of Jeannette's bargain and was fussy all night. He then woke up ass early and proceeded to drive her crazy for another couple of hours, before being dumped off on me while she stomped upstairs for some more sleep.

She didn't get it however, as he poo'd up a storm about ten minutes later. Since she chose to nap ten feet away from his change table, we were doomed from the start. 

Changing him was somewhat of a debacle and I may or may not have ended up with poo on me. I did actually. Factoid. There's no may or may not about it. I'm not sure but I think my bathrobe may have also been compromised. I didn't see anything on it but I threw it in the laundry regardless. I don't mess with poo. Unlike my son.

Every time I change him he goes for his nether regions as soon as you take the diaper off. Immediately. He's either grabbing at his dong or slapping at his diaper and legs, dangerously close to the quarantined zone. This makes changing him a rather difficult proposition as you have to keep track of all four of his appendages while at the same time trying to deal with the mess in his pants. It's quite a thing. 

And not something you sleep through. 

She dropped me off at my parents place shortly after noon and then went to the doctor's appointment. We figured he was fine but she wanted to make sure and get some information from our doctor. He's now over 19 pounds, a little bruiser, and was otherwise in good shape. The cough can persist for a while and isn't necessarily a bad sign. Just a case of new parent paranoia mostly, but why not take him in if you've got the time and he's being extra annoying; if for no other reason than you happen to go in on the day the doctors all get new pills that make all babies self cleaning bundles of happy happy joy joy. 

The reception was nice. It was my father's cousin's husband who passed away. He died suddenly, from a brain aneurism I believe; a good way to go for the person in question I suppose -if there's such a thing as a good way to go- but tough on the everyone left behind. Quite a sudden thing from what I understand. They had a table set up at the church with pictures of him and a book to sign. I didn't know most of the people there, and neither did my father, but it was good to spend some time with my own cousins and get caught up a bit. 

When we got back from the city we stayed at my parents place for a while so they could hang with Blaze. Also, I think we were all tired. Jeannette was passed out with Blaze draped all over her when we got in, but apparently that was a rare moment for the day and he had been a shit head up until that point. Even that nap was short lived and he was back up and as wired as ever a few moments later. 

We watched the final Game of Thrones episode and are now all caught up. Such a good show. I just wonder what's going to happen with the fact he hasn't finished the sixth book and the series is catching up. By the time he does write it the actors playing the roles will all be seniors. 

Tomorrow we've got errands but Blaze will be with his grandmother for the day. Jeannette and I will be going to see the Avengers. I'm looking forward to it. Joss Whedon rarely lets me down. A short one tonight I think. I'm laying on the couch in the basement and ready to call it a night I think. It wasn't a long day, but there's something about the atmosphere of a funeral on a rainy day that just does a person in, you know? Have a good night munks.