Day 426 "Taco Night"

What can I say tonight?

Literally, I'm asking you, because I have no idea. I worked all day. A lot of memorizing playing cards and other related memory work and more stuff you would have no interest in I'm sure... at least that is, until I've mastered it. Then things will get very interesting indeed. 

But as I've said before, there's no point in talking about the magic trick unless you can actually DO the magic trick. So I'll remain mysterious, and elusive, on the work I'm up to, with the hope that sometime soon I'll have something to show for it. I will have something to show of course, of that I have no doubt, convinced in the system as I am, and my ability to figure out an even more efficient way, but the question of when is somewhat more ambiguous. 

Blaze slept for three hours today. We were shocked and elated. He's never slept like that before. He's either feeling better and finally catching up on some sleep, or he got into the liquor cabinet. It's hard to say with him, especially difficult now that he's crawling around, and has been seen picking locks with his soother. He's a bit of a MacGyver that one. At one point Jeannette opened the second story bathroom window and yell/whispered out that he was still unconscious. I was in the yard at the time, with a notebook and some rubber boots. We celebrated quietly, went back to our tasks and that pretty much sums up the afternoon .

We did take Blazer to see his grandparents in the afternoon, mostly because I wanted some coffee and needed a break from my own brain. Be wary of visiting the Tim Horton's in Berwick Nova Scotia in the late afternoon, I'll warn you now. It's a lot like visiting a grocery store 36 hours after a severe storm warning. They have NOTHING. The shelves are bare. Jeannette went through the long list of potential food items that would satisfy us, as I sat in the car with Blaze, and was forced to finally ask them what they could make us. 

They were even out of sandwich bread. 


We had a good chat with the parental units and after a couple hours of watching Blaze bounce around in his exersaucer, and blarp on the floor here and there, we went back home and dove into taco night. We could have eaten at my parents place but Jeannette had promised me tacos and I was quite eager to see that plan through. She makes the greatest tacos that one. We had a feast. Then we brought the kid down to the basement and got caught up on some TV: the Voice, Dancing with the Stars and Master Chef Canada. Yes, we have pretty much completely descended into the sordid realm of reality TV and to be honest, I have no issue with it whatsoever. At least the reality TV we watch focuses on people with talent. I'm not a fan of the train wrecks, where they pile a bunch of people into a small cramped quarters and watch as they tear each others hair out for a period of weeks.

I caught a good hockey game last night as well, which is also reality TV of a kind I suppose. Washington and the New York Rangers. I haven't watched much hockey lately but it's always good to tuck into now and then, especially the playoffs, when the millionaires actually get caught up in the game and play with some heart. 

I should update the tick situation before I check out tonight. Hubble has outpaced me now and is running away with the count. He's up to five. After writing the blog and going to bed last night I checked him over and found two more embedded in him. One was on his head  next to his ear and the other one, the one that took considerable more time to remove, was on his snout between his eye and his nose. ...not ideal. He was a champ and let me do it but he wasn't happy about the whole sordid affair. So that was number three and four, and number five came today when I took him out for a walk. He walked into the grass for about twenty seconds and when he came back to the road he had one on him. 

They're going to be bad this year. Between this and the downward spiral of the great Canadian institution of Tim Horton's, the situation is grim indeed. 

Tomorrow we're heading to the city for a funeral. A distant family member passed away this week. I'm hoping to bring Jeannette and Blaze with me, if he's feeling better. Always good to have babies around in situations like that. Uplifting for the people most affected.