Day 424: Baby Showers


We went to my cousin's house today for the showering of her baby. We do it differently in Nova Scotia than in most places I think. The economy is so bad here we literally just get together, stick the baby in question in the sink, and use the extendable nozzle to take turns showering it. Some people also elect to shower the baby with praise during this activity, but that's a personal judgement call and is never pressured. 

First we had to go pick up my mother, who was travelling with us. My dad had to work, so it was to be just me and Blaze and his ladies for the day. We got moving half past noon or so, after Jeannette spent the majority of the morning getting ready. I think she's been cooped up in this house so long wearing sweat pants and spit-up stained hoodies that she leapt at the first chance to have a reason to.. you know... shower. Put makeup on. And generally take some time for herself for once. Happy as I was to watch her out and about in this rather striking fashion of hers, I was more than willing to keep Blaze occupied until it was time to go. 

We had a great time at the shower. My cousins baby is pretty damn cute. The biggest blue eyes on a baby I've ever seen. She's also very quiet and well mannered, though I would never say that out loud for fear that my cousin would slap me, as she did Jeannette, earlier today, for potentially jinxing it. They have a great place, my cousin and her husband, even further out in the sticks than we are I think... maybe.. perhaps not. More land though. I didn't get to see much of it as this was a family type event and I wouldn't want to be the guy that shows up, grabs a cupcake and then just wanders out the door and off into the forest, not to be seen again; until it was time to leave. That guy is often not invited back, I don't think.

No, no, one must always be civil, and attentive, to one's social and family affairs, I say. Civil and attentive at the very least. Fully engaged preferably. I met and talked to a lot of the people there today but not all, though it was good to get caught up with other family members on what's going on in their lives. One of those family members was encouraging Jeannette to start writing a blog, anxious as she was to get the "mother's perspective" on this little mountain, baby-popping adventure we're on. I believe she then called me a princess. 

Nevertheless, that same family member gave us four bags of baby clothes for Blaze so she can dress me in a tiara for all I care. I think I saw Spiderman pyjamas in there. I'll apologize in advance if I suddenly post a bunch of green screened pictures of Blaze in a darkened city scape sometime soon, or perhaps a dramatic video or two... 

When we got home from the shower, after dropping my mom off at home, we had planned on getting our stuff together, cleaning a little, and then heading back over to my parents place for the night. We have plans for dinner tomorrow night, for mothers day, so we figured it would be good to just head over there. We also have a Game of Thrones episode to catch up on. But when we got home Blaze was rather fussy after a long day of no sleeping, and after he shat up an explosion that obliterated what was left of our stamina and resources, we decided to stay in tonight and head over tomorrow. 

Oh yeah, he poo'd a storm tonight. He shat his own little baby shower this afternoon. It was ghastly. I'm still suffering from slight tremors in my hand, a form of PTSD no doubt. Shat right up his neck. What kind of monster...

Tomorrow, as I said, will be spent mostly with my parents. It'll be a good chance to get away from the work, but at the same time I know I'll be tough to ignore. I'm so close on my memory work, to something I can finally sink my teeth into and start applying in the real world. No more theory. Application. My time in the mind lab is almost at an end. 

Now watch it'll take me another seven years...