Day 423: Murderous Fiends


I'm rocking the stylus tonight, sitting on the couch in the basement watching Dateline with J&B. Well, Blaze is passed out, which is a good thing, considering both the hour and the fact he hasn't slept much the last few days. He's still sick, the poor bugger, so we're just letting him sleep. He'll wake up soon and she'll take him up to bed..~ and leave me all alone in the basement, with Dateline, and their grim and ultra-dramatized version of events.

Both Jeannette and my mother love these shows. I don't get it. Jeannette is bothered by the stories for days afterwards, constantly asking questions aloud like, "What was the guy thinking?? How could he have done that?" or "What's wrong with people??" etc, while my mom falls asleep at times with one of those gruesome episodes on the TV next to her bed. Nothing promotes calming Theta waves and encourages peaceful REM sleep quite like hearing, "That's when the police found the body, beaten to death and laying in a pool of congealed blood... in broad daylight."

Sleep well!

l'll be crashing soon myself... as soon as I find out who the perpetrator is. Jeannette keeps saying "It's the kid!" like I didn't hear her the first 17 times.  I'm tired and we're up and out relatively early tomorrow. My cousin is having a baby shower for her latest little one Lyla. Should be a good time. It's baby central over here on the mountain. I still find it hard to believe at times that we have ANOTHER one coming... so soon. So, so, very soon.

l think I slept pretty well last night, thanks for asking; no ticks invading my crotch that I can recall. I woke up once again to a very awake Blaze slapping at his mom to get up and start entertaining him. As she was once again in no state to do that, ass early as it was, I got up, got dressed and packed him up in the car for another early morning Tim Hortons run. l was once again disappointed with the food, the BELT I bought was cold right out of the gate, but it seems to be a good strategy as Blaze falls back asleep almost right away and I get a morning coffee out of the deal. Not too shabby. 

When we got back I worked a bit while Blazer played in his excer-saucer and Jeannette got some much needed sleep. When she got up she packed him up again and hit the road for a day of errands. She hit the bank, then New Minas for some running around, also my parents house. All told they were gone over 7 hours. She ended up taking him into the clinic to make sure this cold didn't go into his ears; our doctor was unavailable. He got the all clear ear-wise but we've got to keep an eye on this cough of his.

So a quiet day then, for me, if not for Jeannette, which was just what I needed to really dig into my latest progress. I'm still not 100% myself yet, physically, though I am trying to keep up with my back/neck exercises. The cold is still persisting as well, though at this point it's just an annoyance more than anything else. I had it bad that one day, with the razors in my throat, but I must have swallowed them all pretty quickly - warrior that I am! - because I've pretty much completely bounced back. 

Well that's it for this one kids. It's now 12:30 and we're all in bed. I had to shut the entry down earlier because my phone ran out of juice. No big deal, it gave us a chance to finish watching Dateline. Turns out the kid did do it. Jeannette is rarely wrong about these things. Yes, she's very good at spotting fiends and murderers of all kinds that one; I learned to take her advice on people a long time ago. I'm sure I would have done a lot better in Los Angeles if we were together much sooner! Never has there existed a place with more fiendish types than that desert full of camera flashes!

Don't miss it at all.